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Steps to Take Immediately After a Bike Accident

What to do immediately after a bike accident

What might be a minor incident between two cars can be much worse if one of the affected parties is on a bicycle because the cyclist lacks the protection of a car body. If you are a cyclist and end up being hit by a car, there are some immediate steps you need to take.

Stop Any Bleeding and Get out of Traffic

Safety first. Get out of the way of oncoming traffic and do your best to stop any bleeding. Of course, if the accident is severe, you might not be able to move; just do what you can to make yourself as safe as possible.

Call Police

Chances are that police will need to be called to the scene. In Wisconsin, police need to be notified about an accident if anyone is injured, and in a bike-car accident, injury is likely. The amount of damage may also require police presence. If someone is hurt, call 911; if property damage is the only issue, you might be able to call a non-emergency number for the police instead.

Trade Information

As with any accident, your insurance companies are going to need information. Trade contact and insurance information with the other party (if you were the cyclist and don’t have car insurance because you don’t drive, you can still get the other party’s insurance info).

Take Photos of the Scene

If you can, take photos of the accident scene before you leave. Get the car’s plate number and make/model, take shots of the bike and any property damage, and see if you can get some wide-angle shots of the area in general. If you can’t do that at the time of the accident, go back to the area later to take pictures.

Keep Evidence Intact

Don’t repair your bike or clean the clothes from the accident until your lawyer says it’s OK to do so. Try to wear different shoes, for example, so you can preserve the condition of the ones that were in the accident.

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