Restraining Order & Injunctions

People may be subject to a Wisconsin restraining order for a variety of reasons, but such orders usually occur in cases of domestic violence, stalking, harassment, child abuse, and elder abuse.  A judge has three options when issuing restraining orders:

  • 72 hour no-contact order: typically following a domestic violence case, this order is taken out immediately after an arrest and is limited to only 72 hours.
  • Temporary Restraining Order (TRO): TROs are often filed for immediate protection.  This order lasts 2 weeks or until a court hearing takes place. This is a temporary solution until a permanent injunction can be issued.  Once a TRO is granted by a court, you will also be given a hearing date for an injunction hearing.
  • Injunction: the plaintiff must appear in court for this hearing. An injunction is a more permanent order and can be effective for up to 4 years. Having a skilled attorney on your side throughout the restraining order process is critical to a strong defense.

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Consequences Of Wisconsin Restraining Order Violation

Restraining order violation in Wisconsin puts your freedom in serious jeopardy and should be discussed with an attorney.  Immediate consequences for a violation could be arrest, custody and jail.

Important information about restraining order violations include:

  • Direct violations of the order are subject to criminal charges that can be at either felony or misdemeanor levels
  • Fees and fines may be applied
  • Repeat violations may lead to additional charges such as stalking and other crimes
  • Courts do not make a distinction between a temporary or a permanent injunction – violation of either can lead to serious consequences

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