contingency fee

How Contingency Fees Work for Your Personal Injury Case

When do I get paid under a Contingency Fee arrangement? One reason many people decide against getting legal help for a personal injury is the cost. They worry that they can’t afford a good lawyer, and should just try to go it alone. This is why most of the best personal injury attorneys offer contingency fee agreements. If you are worried that you can’t afford an attorney to help recover for your injuries, these arrangements can give you access to the help you need. How Contingency...

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car insurance - underinsured

Recovering After an Accident with an Underinsured Driver

If you’ve been in a car accident with an underinsured driver can you recover all of your damages? In Wisconsin, just like elsewhere in the United States, drivers are required to carry liability insurance. Unfortunately, after a serious injury, the other driver’s insurance may not be enough to cover your damages. If this happens, you have legal options. An experienced attorney can help you work through your claim and get the compensation you deserve. Underinsured Coverage Depending...

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OWI attorney Madison WI

First Offense OWI in Wisconsin | OWI Defense Attorney WI

Don’t Shrug Off a First Offense OWI in Wisconsin There’s a commonly-held belief among Wisconsin drivers that a first offense OWI isn’t a big deal. That perception is incorrect. Even first-time offenders can experience expensive penalties and life-changing consequences as a result of an OWI. As a civil offense, first time OWI penalties in Wisconsin may include any or all of the following: 6 to 9 months driver’s license suspension.$150 to $300 in fines.A $365 OWI...

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car accident insurance

Car Accident Questions | Insurance Company Questions

Expect These Questions From Your Insurance Company After A Car Accident Your insurance company will be one of the first calls you make after a car accident. Once you’re assured that everyone is okay and has received medical treatment, your next thoughts will likely turn to insurance coverage. Although you pay premiums to retain auto insurance coverage, that does not guarantee you will receive a financial payout equivalent to your needs after an auto accident. The reality is, insurance...

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Illegal drug possession charges

How You Can Defend Against a Drug Possession Charge

Are you facing Drug Possession Charges in Wisconsin? Drug charges are serious, and you don’t want to be held responsible for drugs that weren’t yours, especially if you didn’t even realize they were around. Finding out that someone has stashed drugs on you purposefully but without your knowledge, or finding out when you borrowed someone’s car that they had left some drugs inside, can be nerve-wracking. All is not lost, however; you have a number of defenses available...

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