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Is Your Battery Charge a Misdemeanor or a Felony?

These factors determine if a Battery charge is a felony or a misdemeanor in Wisconsin A battery charge in Wisconsin depends on two elements: an intent to cause bodily harm and the actual bodily harm that occurs. Whether the state charges the crime as a misdemeanor or a felony depends on how much harm you cause. No matter what level of battery charge you face, you need an experienced criminal attorney to defend you. Intent For a conviction on any battery charge, the state must prove that...

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distracted driving in wisconsin

Technology and Distracted Driving

The technology to prevent you from getting distracted can be distracting itself You know not to text and drive. You may even be using technology to get around the problems of distracted driving. Unfortunately, these can create their own problems if you let them. Focusing on technology instead of the road is still distracted driving. Don’t let your anti-distraction technology pull your attention away from the road. Additional Displays One way car manufacturers try to pull drivers...

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Dangers on Rural Roads in Wisconsin

Car accidents on Wisconsin’s rural roads When you think of driving accidents, you likely worry about interstate highways. On a sheer volume and velocity basis, this makes sense. Still, rural roads create dangers very different from what you see on main roads and highways. If you or other drivers aren’t careful, you can find yourself in accidents more damaging than in the areas you might expect. Less Room to Maneuver Rural roads tend to be two-lane roads, giving you less room...

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Bail Jumping Penalties | Wisconsin Bail System

Bail Jumping Penalties in Wisconsin The Wisconsin legal system operates under the assumption of innocence until proven guilty. Due to this system, offenders may be released from jail after their arrest but before they see a judge or have a trial. In many cases, there are conditions associated with their release, which may include bail. Common Bail Conditions Although bail is the term used to describe the monetary amount paid for release, it can include other conditions that must be adhered...

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safe driving tips for teen drivers

Parents Are Liable In Car Accidents

Are Parents Liable If A Car Accident Is Caused By A Teen Driver? Parents are nervous enough once their teenagers start driving, when a car accident is caused by a teen driver, their anxiety can be compounded by worries about injuries and accident liability. They have good reason to worry since it is possible for parents to be liable for the accident in Wisconsin. 4 Things to Know About Teen Driver Laws in Wisconsin and Parent Liability Teens must be sponsored. The State of Wisconsin...

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