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Self-Defense Laws In Wisconsin | Common Self-Defense Tactics

Applying Self-Defense Laws in Wisconsin One of the most common defenses to assault, homicide, and violent crime in Wisconsin is self-defense. However, the self-defense laws do not provide blanket protection. A defendant must be able to prove that he or she had a genuine fear for their life or of suffering great bodily harm, and that was why they responded with deadly force. Courts and juries must take into account the specific circumstances surrounding the incident for self-defense to be justified....

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Avoid Bike Accident Injuries In Madison, WI | Bike Safety

Staying Safe on the Roads in Bike-Friendly Madison, WI Madison, WI is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the Midwest. The city offers a bike-sharing program, is continually investing in new bike trails, and promotes commuting by bike. Unfortunately, increased bike riding equates to an increase in automobile-bicycle accidents and bike accident injuries. Bike accident injuries are especially concerning because bicyclists are completely exposed and, other than a bike helmet, are entirely...

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Three Major Reasons Not to Share a Prescription

Know the potential ramifications of sharing your medical prescription When you and your friend or family member take the same prescription or have the same medical condition, sharing a prescription may seem harmless. Maybe you’re stretching out a prescription before the next refill is allowed by your insurance company, or you’ve noticed that your friend’s anxiety level has gotten so bad that he might benefit from some of your anxiety medication. While well-intentioned, sharing...

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Big Rigs and Semi Trucks Can Cause Devastating Accidents Each Year

What to know if you’ve been injured in an accident involving a semi truck Whether you call them semis or big rigs, large trucks are one of the bigger dangers on the road. This is not necessarily because of the truck drivers, but because of the nature of these large trucks and how they respond to the driver’s control. Combine these heavy vehicles with smaller cars zipping around them, and you have a problem. When these trucks are in accidents, it can be difficult to tell whether...

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Drivers Fleeing from Officers in Wisconsin

You could face substantial penalties if you flee from an officer in Wisconsin No one ever wants to get pulled over. If you see a police car’s lights behind you, you still have to stop. If you do not, you will face penalties that depend not only on what you do, but on what happens next. To avoid significant penalties on top of your ticket, make sure you cooperate with the police on the road. Failure to Stop If a police officer tries to pull you over and you keep going, you face...

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