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How Can You Stop Someone From Charging You With Embezzlement?

You would think that doing your job and being as honest as possible about any transactions you make would protect you from accusations of embezzlement. However, if your employer has discovered that money is missing and may have been embezzled, then the company is going to do whatever it can to investigate — and that means treating you as a suspect if there appears to be any connection between you and the money. Your treatment during these investigations could be the key to getting those...

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jet ski accident

Filing Lawsuits Over Jet Ski and Personal Watercraft Accidents

Jet skis and other personal watercraft are a lot of fun to use, but it’s easy to get carried away or to stop paying attention while using them. If you’ve been enjoying a fun day at the lake only to be injured when someone slams their jet ski or other watercraft into your boat, you could have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. It would depend on what the person who caused the accident was doing or not doing at the time — in other words, you’d need to be able to prove...

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The Difference Between Burglary and Theft

When you think of burglary, you likely conjure images of jewelry thieves cutting into glass cases at night. While burglary is often related to theft, it doesn’t have to be. It refers instead to unlawfully entering property with the intent to commit a felony or to steal. Knowing the difference can help you not only understand the charges brought against you, but help you defend against those charges too.  Unlawful Entry Unlawful entry is not the same thing as breaking and entering....

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What Are the Penalties for OWI in Wisconsin?

Contact an OWI attorney to discuss your OWI charges If you are convicted of an OWI offense in Wisconsin, the cost can be steep. You face fines, suspension of your driver’s license, and even jail time. The penalties increase for each offense. As soon as possible after your arrest, contact an attorney to protect your rights and your defense. First Offense The first offense is not a crime, but even your first offense will cost you money if you are convicted. The fine due ranges from...

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car accident attorneys

Talking to Police After a Traffic Accident

Use caution when talking to authorities after a car accident After a traffic accident, the police will want to take your statement. This can create anxiety if you don’t know how much to share. While you want to be courteous, you don’t want to undercut your own claim for recovery. What you say can impact the value of any recovery you have. Make sure you don’t overshare when the police start to ask questions. Talk When the Other Driver Is at Fault Some accidents leave...

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