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Liability, Lawsuits, and Being a Wisconsin Homeowner in Winter

Winter in Wisconsin can be beautiful, but all that wintry weather brings with it the need for property owners to be diligent about making sure their property is safe. This applies not only to store owners who have to put out signs warning about slippery floors; it also applies to homeowners who have to ensure their homes and surrounding property under their care are safe. Not doing so can open those homeowners up to lawsuits if someone is injured.
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Understanding How Drug Testing Works

Drug testing has become common practice in a number of situations in Wisconsin. You may have to pass a drug test for employment, for insurance, as a condition of probation, or to show you are not under the influence of a controlled substance. Unfortunately, most people don't really understand how drug tests work. This leads to confusion and false expectations of the process. To learn more about what you should expect if you have to take a drug test in[...]
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Consequences of Juvenile Crimes in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, juvenile crimes are prosecuted differently from adult crimes. The law creates a different path for punishment and opportunities to overcome their crimes. Still, the consequences of juvenile convictions can be severe. Counsel experienced in representing children accused of criminal behavior is critical to helping your child move forward.
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When Can Parents Sue for Their Child’s Personal Injury?

Sometimes children get hurt. As a parent, you want to protect them, both from themselves and the world around them. Unfortunately, sometimes you can't. If your child does get injured, you may wonder whether you can sue for damages. While this is not always possible, if someone else's negligence caused your child's injuries, you do have a right to recover.
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5 Ways to Protect Your Personal Injury Case

Winning a personal injury case means patiently following a long road. You will undoubtedly feel pressure to settle early: from the insurance company's lawyer or insurance carrier, but also in some ways from your own family. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to work with your lawyer and set yourself up for success for your personal injury case in Wisconsin.

Illegal Search Of A Cellphone Violates Your Rights

Our cellphones are our lifelines these days. Think of how much personal information is stored on them. No longer just a convenient way to keep in touch, cellphones are a treasure trove of private information - and the police know that. If you are arrested, the police may want to search your cellphone for evidence, in much the same way that they'd search your home, vehicle, or computer. But is this legal?
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Personal Injury Attorney | Slip And Fall Injury

Slips and falls are very common injuries that can happen in a variety of settings and situations. The term "slip and fall" is a legal term that is used by a personal injury lawyer in cases where a person has slipped, tripped, or fallen while on another person's property. In many cases, a slip and fall injury is no more damaging than a bruised ego or behind, but at other times the injury can be quite serious and the circumstances[...]
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If Someone Says I Committed Sexual Assault, Will I Be Charged?

Sexual assault is a serious charge that no one should ignore. The #MeToo movement has worked to increase the visibility of sexual assault in the national spotlight. This has led some people to wonder if they could be charged with sexual assault simply because someone accused them of it. The answer is, not always -- but it's not something to shrug off.
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Avoiding Slip-and-Fall Accidents in Icy Conditions

With the weather turning colder and ice and snow beginning to fall in much of the northern half of the country, it's time to review how to stay safe in slippery conditions. Falls can be devastating; even a minor fall can result in bruises and curtailed activity, at least temporarily. Residents of Madison won't be able to avoid snow and ice, so here are ways to reduce the risk of a hard landing.
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Penalties for Embezzlement in Wisconsin

Embezzlement is a crime that most people have heard about, but may not fully understand. If you are charged with embezzlement in Wisconsin, you should take it seriously. It involves a breach of trust that you may have trouble regaining, even if ultimately you are found not guilty. Understanding the accusation and the potential penalties can help you avoid the worst potential consequences.


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