How to Respond to Vacation Injuries

If you’ve suffered injuries on vacation, take these stepsGoing on vacation should give you time to relax and recuperate from the stress of work and home life. Whether you get into an accident on the road or where you are staying, an injury frustrates your entire trip. If you have been injured away from home, make sure you take steps to protect your claim.Get PicturesAny time an accident leaves you injured, you should take notes and get pictures from the accident scene. If you...

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Illegal drug possession charges

Drug Court Alternatives | Madison WI Drug Arrests

Drug Court Alternatives To Arrest Can Reduce RecidivismWhen a person is found guilty of drug charges in Wisconsin, the court often sentences defendants to jail time. This has proven to be an ineffective deterrent to drug use and time after time, counties see the same people come through their courtrooms. It’s evident that this approach does not work for many drug users, but there are alternatives to jail that do show promise in reducing recidivism rates and helping users get clean for...

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car accident attorneys

Wisconsin Car Accident Attorney | Fault In A Car Accident

Consult a Wisconsin Car Accident Attorney to Determine Fault in a Car AccidentWisconsin operates under a tort system when it comes to car accidents. That means that in a car accident, fault must be established; someone must be held responsible for the accident. If you’ve been involved in an automobile accident, consultation with a Wisconsin car accident attorney can help determine your legal options and whether you are responsible for the accident or are a victim.Fault and NegligenceOne...

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concealed carry weapon

Explaining Wisconsin’s Concealed Carry Laws

Madison Criminal Defense Attorney explains Wisconsin’s concealed carry lawsWisconsin, like many states, allows concealed carry. This gives you the right, if you follow the legal requirements, to carry a concealed weapon in the state. This right comes with limits that you need to understand. If you carry when or where it is not allowed, you can be arrested despite Wisconsin’s concealed carry law.What Does “Concealed Weapon” Include?A concealed weapon may...

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4th owi wisconsin

How to Deal With a DUI Traffic Stop and Resulting Charge

Facing DUI charges in Madison WI?  Here’s what you should do…Checkpoints and traffic stops for DUIs are increasing, especially as more people get behind the wheel after not only drinking but also using drugs. Police officers want to get drivers who are under the influence off the road, and if you are pulled over and show signs of intoxication, you will find yourself in a lot of legal trouble. Should you have to go through a checkpoint or if you’re pulled over by police, remember...

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