juvenile detained by police

What Are the Laws Around Police Questioning Minors?

Know the rights of your child when they are questioned by Police Police are allowed to question minors, and sometimes they do so without parents or guardians around. But minors are still protected by laws that can require that police get parental consent depending on the circumstances. If the wrong procedures are followed, the police could end up in legal trouble. The Fifth and Sixth Amendments The Fifth Amendment protects against self-incrimination (e.g., when saying something might...

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personal injury - delayed symptoms of auto accident

What to Look for When the Adrenaline Subsides Post-Accident

Watch for these delayed symptoms after a car accident The moments after an accident are filled with alarm, and adrenaline surges through your body, allowing you to function despite the stress. However, as that adrenaline fades away, your body starts to feel additional effects of the accident. You may have felt generally OK right after what happened, but in the hours, days, and weeks to come, your body will let you know just how it really feels. Sometimes these are minor aches, but some symptoms...

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OWI attorney Madison WI

How Does an OWI Conviction Affect Insurance in Wisconsin?

The impact of an OWI conviction in Wisconsin on your insurance could be significant! When you are convicted on OWI charges, you have more than just a criminal record to worry about. You face fines, potential jail time, and potentially suspension or loss of your driver’s license. In addition, you can expect your insurance rates to change. The difference makes it worth trying to fight charges when possible. Your Costs Will Go Up Insurance rates and tiers differ among providers. For...

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criminal defense lawyer

5 Considerations to Find the Right Criminal Defense Attorney for You

Hiring the right Criminal Defense Attorney is critical to protecting your rights! If you are arrested or charged with a crime, your next decisions are critical. Not every criminal defense attorney is right for your case, no matter how good he or she is. Before you hire someone, take the time to make sure that person is the best choice–not for a random, hypothetical case, but for defending you against your charges. 1. Do They Have Criminal Defense Experience? Many excellent attorneys...

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pedestrian injured after hit by car

What Pedestrians Can Do When a Driver Hits You

Hit by a vehicle? Your rights to collect damages as a pedestrian Most of us think of vehicle accidents as coming between two drivers on the road. Unfortunately, many accidents come when someone is out walking or running. This creates extra dangers for you, because being on foot leaves you much more vulnerable to being injured. If a vehicle hits you while you are a pedestrian, you may be able to recover damages from the driver. Be Careful Ideally, you can avoid injuries. Obeying pedestrian...

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