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Economic and Non-Economic Personal Injury Damages

Determining the value of your Personal Injury claim Personal injuries come around in all kinds of ways. You can be injured while driving, on someone’s business or personal property, or even on your own property. If someone else causes your injury through negligence or recklessness, you can file a claim for damages. Before doing so, it helps to understand just how a court or insurance company thinks and speaks about those damages. Broadly speaking, they fall into two categories: economic...

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How to Value Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

Get help valuing your Wisconsin Motorcycle Accident claim Motorcycle accidents often lead to significant injuries and property damage costs. If someone else causes the accident, you can expect their insurance company to come to you quickly with an offer. Avoiding the cost and time of litigation may be tempting. Before you accept any offer, though, you should see an experienced personal injury attorney. By talking you through your case, he or she can help you understand the value of your claim. Injuries...

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Presentencing Investigations In Wisconsin

How The Presentencing Investigation Affects Sentencing In Wisconsin Judges in Wisconsin are charged with determining the appropriate sentence for convicted offenders. They take many facts into consideration as they make a determination. The most influential facts come from the current case, but this is not the only information used to make sentencing decisions. Judges can also order a presentencing investigation or PSI. PSIs are comprehensive reports about the defendant’s history and...

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Compensation For Bike Accident Injuries In Madison, WI

Compensation For Bike Accident Injuries Biking is a great way to get some exercise, enjoy the fresh air, and get around towns and cities like Madison, WI, but it’s not without risk. That risk can come from busy and congested roads, distracted drivers, poorly maintained sidewalks, or even rain and ice. The chance of bike accident injuries is much higher than the chances of sustaining injury in a car because bicyclists are completely exposed and unprotected, unlike vehicle drivers and...

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Illegal drug possession charges

Are You Facing Drug Charges? You Need Legal Protection, Now

Drug charges in Wisconsin are serious business! Despite the growing acceptance of some drugs in other states, Wisconsin remains a fairly harsh judge of substance abuse. Drug charges in Wisconsin can be misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the drug involved, the amount found, and the apparent intent of the person in possession of the drug. No matter the specific circumstances, however, you don’t want a drug conviction on your record — and if you find yourself facing one now, you...

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