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Recovering Damages in a Motorcycle Accident

You may be able to recover damages from your motorcycle accident Any accident on the road is dangerous. When you are on a motorcycle, the damage to both you and the bike has the potential to be much greater. If someone else causes an accident, you are entitled to damages for both your injuries and your motorcycle. The right attorney can help you recover your losses and make yourself whole again. Causation and Insurance In Wisconsin, everyone is required to carry insurance. The insurer...

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What Causes Car Wrecks in Wisconsin?

Car crashes in Wisconsin – list of major causes Wisconsin’s roadways are busy throughout the year. While most drivers travel safely and responsibly, accidents happen–bringing an average of over 500 deaths and 41,000 injuries per year, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Understanding the causes of these car crashes in Wisconsin can help you avoid problems that many drivers face. Deer Wisconsin is home to more than just people. The wildlife...

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No-Knock Warrants | Wisconsin Search Warrants

No-Knock Warrants Are Legal And Valid In Wisconsin Most people are familiar with the requirement that officers obtain a search warrant before entering a property to search it. When we picture what this looks like, our mind sees officers knocking on the door and being allowed entry once they present the warrant. That is the case in most situations, but in some cases, officers can obtain no-knock warrants, which allow the police to enter the property for search purposes without announcing themselves...

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Personal Injury Lawsuit

When To File A Personal Injury Lawsuit | WI Personal Injury

How Do You Know When To File A Personal Injury Lawsuit? A personal injury lawsuit is typically filed when a person has suffered a severe or life-changing injury as a result of another person’s negligence. Personal injuries vary in severity, but lawsuit-worthy injuries often include loss of function or mobility, an inability to work, devastating pain, and/or economic hardship as a result of the injury. People can be injured in many types of situations such as slip and fall accidents,...

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Wisconsin’s Definition of Domestic Violence

What is Domestic Violence in the state of Wisconsin? The term “domestic violence” brings to mind physical attacks on a spouse, but in Wisconsin, the definition applies to a wider range of behavior and relationships. It’s vital that people be able to recognize what counts as domestic violence in Wisconsin because this behavior needs to be reported and stopped, rather than ignored as a “family matter.” Domestic Versus Non-Domestic First, domestic violence...

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