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No-Knock Warrants | Wisconsin Search Warrants

No-Knock Warrants Are Legal And Valid In Wisconsin Most people are familiar with the requirement that officers obtain a search warrant before entering a property to search it. When we picture what this looks like, our mind sees officers knocking on the door and being allowed entry once they present the warrant. That is the case in most situations, but in some cases, officers can obtain no-knock warrants, which allow the police to enter the property for search purposes without announcing themselves...

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Wisconsin’s Definition of Domestic Violence

What is Domestic Violence in the state of Wisconsin? The term “domestic violence” brings to mind physical attacks on a spouse, but in Wisconsin, the definition applies to a wider range of behavior and relationships. It’s vital that people be able to recognize what counts as domestic violence in Wisconsin because this behavior needs to be reported and stopped, rather than ignored as a “family matter.” Domestic Versus Non-Domestic First, domestic violence...

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Do You Need an Attorney after Your Child’s Juvenile Arrest?

A Juvenile arrest in Wisconsin is serious business; get the help you need If your child has been arrested, you undoubtedly have questions. The juvenile justice system in Wisconsin is complicated, and the impact on your child is real. Whether he or she is tried as an adult or a juvenile, you do not want to go it alone. Finding the right attorney is critical to your child’s present and future. How a Juvenile Arrest Affects Your Child First, even though juvenile records are sealed,...

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shoplifting charges

How to Respond to False Shoplifting Allegations

Shoplifting charges can be defended – stand your ground! Stores lose billions of dollars of merchandise every year to shoplifters. It is no wonder that they are pushing aggressive tactics to prevent or recover those losses. Still, if you have done nothing wrong, facing accusations from a large retailer can be intimidating and frustrating. When they press too hard against you, you can get support from an experienced attorney. Defending Yourself Retailers today are sending out letters...

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Bar Fights And Assault Charges In Wisconsin

When A Bar Fight Turns Into An Assault Charge There is solid evidence that alcohol plays a part in violent altercations in Wisconsin. Many bar fights have started after a few drinks, even over something as innocuous as bumping into another person. Although it seems like bar fights could easily be avoided, alcohol-clouded judgment and high-running emotions can quickly turn a simple misunderstanding into a physical altercation that might lead to an arrest and even result in a battery charge. Examples...

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