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Hire A Wisconsin Family Law Expert To Win The Fairest Spousal Support

Obtaining Help For Wisconsin Family Law Matters

Wisconsin state law has a formula for determining child support, but calculating spousal support is left to the discretion of the court. Although there are many variables that go into whether the court looks favorably on granting maintenance to one party or the other, the decision is put in the hands of a judge who can decide what amount of weight to give to various factors.

Judges consider factors such as:

  • How long were the parties married?
  • What is the age and physical and emotional health of each party?
  • How is the couples’ property divided?
  • What is the educational level of each person?
  • What is the earning capacity of each person?
  • What are the tax consequences to each party in the case of spousal support?
  • Has one person contributed significantly to the training, education, or increased earning power of the other spouse?
  • Was there a prenuptial agreement or marital property agreement?

Your Case May Not Always Be Judged On Its Merits

The facts alone may not always justify one party’s request to receive future earnings of the other, so the decision to award it, the amount, and the time period in which it will be paid are open to the judge’s interpretation. Maintenance or spousal support is an area in which stereotypes abound, and in this society, judges see it all:

  • Angry spouses who want to take the other one to the cleaners, and spouses who want to keep their resources to themselves
  • Young, entitled spouses who don’t want to work, and mature ones who don’t have a bright economic future because they stayed home to raise children
  • Those who sacrificed their own career or personal ambitions to put the other one through school, and spouses who have short memories

In making a decision about spousal support, the judge may filter the evidence through his/her own experience, training, and attitudes, which can put someone without an experienced advocate to argue their case at a distinct disadvantage.

Put An Experienced Wisconsin Family Law Professional On Your Side

You do not want your case to fall into the haze of stereotypes. If you are seeking a divorce, work with an experienced Wisconsin family law professional at Eisenberg Law Offices to help you gain a rightful distribution of assets that may include a stake in the future income of your spouse. This is not the type of battle you want to fight on your own!
Protect yourself and your economic future by making an appointment today with Eisenberg Law Offices. Just call us at 608-256-8356 or fill out our online form to schedule a free consultation. We will make Wisconsin family law work for you.


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