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Wisconsin Family Law: Not Just For Divorce

Many people think that a family law attorney is just for divorce and its related issues: maintenance, child support, custody arrangements, etc. While the field does cover all those issues, there is much more to Wisconsin family law than that! Attorneys in this field assist with various issues relating to families, including happy ones.

When To Call A Wisconsin Family Law Attorney

It is obvious that you need a family law attorney in the event of a divorce. Navigating the legal system to dissolve a marriage is not something you want to try on your own, especially if the two spouses are not in total agreement about the terms of the dissolution. If you have children, it can be very difficult to reach an agreement regarding custody and child support. Even after a divorce has been finalized, if you wish to adjust your agreement regarding child support, custody, or maintenance, you will most likely need to involve your lawyer.

The field of family law does not end there nor does it only deal with sad situations like divorce. For example, are you planning to adopt a child? You will need an attorney for that. Depending on the situation, the adoption process might also require legal termination of the birth parents’ parental rights or, in the case of an open adoption, establishing terms such as visitation. In many adoption scenarios, the birth parents do wish to retain certain rights and it is important to establish that clearly from the beginning.

Family law attorneys are also responsible for drafting prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. These documents establish in advance how a hypothetical separation should be handled, potentially saving a lot of pain and anger down the road. The same attorney may even be able to set up trust funds for children or other family members.

Contact The Family Law Attorneys At Eisenberg Law Offices

If you and your family need legal advice, whether for happy reasons or sad ones, just contact us. Eisenberg Law Offices can be reached at (608) 256-8356 or at info@eisenberglaw.com.


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