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madison divorce attorney warns about using social media

Using Social Media During Divorce | Madison Divorce Attorneys

Madison Divorce Attorneys Advise: Think Before You Post on Social Media

Social media is so common and widespread these days that we sometimes forget it’s a public forum. As our Madison divorce attorneys have witnessed firsthand, that can pose a problem for people going through contentious divorces. Social media posts and comments can be used as evidence in many different kinds of legal cases, including divorce and child custody situations. Social media sites are one of the first places your spouse or his/her attorney will look for evidence that can be used against you. Pictures, videos, posts, comments…they are all fair game. Our attorneys have compiled a few tips to help individuals navigate social media while going through a court case.

Social Media Tips For Those Going Through A Divorce Or Custody Case

  1. Don’t discuss your case. It’s tempting to air your grievances to your friends and garner public sympathy but it’s not worth the damage such posts can do to your credibility and as a result, your case.
  2. Don’t badmouth your spouse or the judge. Similar to not discussing your case, badmouthing your spouse and especially the judge in public is a very bad idea. The last thing you want to do is disparage the person who will decide who gets custody of your kids! Trust us, any negative comments will find their way back to the judge and they won’t put you in a very positive light.
  3. Adhere to the terms of any court orders. Before you post any images or videos or even the names of your kids online, make sure that is allowed under the terms of any court orders. Sometimes the divorce agreement or the judge’s orders may prohibit such activities. As a best practice, at least get your ex’s okay before you start posting things about your kids online.
  4. Check privacy settings. There is no excuse for not changing your privacy settings to private. The default settings on most social media sites is “everyone”. That means anyone can see where you are and where your kids are and your spouse can use that against you in court. Check your settings and change them to private or friends only.

Our best advice is to simply think before you post something on social media. Ask yourself if this is something that you would be comfortable presenting to the judge. Think about how the post will reflect on you and your ability to parent your children. Ask if it could possibly be used against you in court. If the answer is yes, don’t post it.

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