Top 5 Deadliest Jobs


Top 5 Deadliest Jobs

As attorneys, we represent people who have been injured on a daily basis.  We also represent the families of victims that have been killed in the workplace.  While there are certain jobs that people associate with being dangerous, like law enforcement and firemen, there are numerous jobs that are actually more deadly.  These workers rarely get recognition but if you were injured while at work, or your family member killed, we can help you. America’s Top 5 Deadliest Jobs Are
  1. Logging is a notoriously dangerous industry.  The need to climb to tall heights, being secured to trees, and having trees crash around workers, all contribute to the dangers of this important industry.  For every 100,000 logging workers, there are an average of 90 fatalities a year.
  2. Fishing is incredibly dangerous, especially in areas of the country like Alaska. It is often more dangerous than the logging industry and averages 130 deaths per year.
  3. Airline pilots. Transportation accidents are common. This is a dangerous profession.
  4. Falling from heights is also potentially fatal according to OSHA.  Roofers and construction workers regularly work from tall heights. Falls can be incredibly dangerous and hazardous.
  5. Garbage collectors. Every day, millions of Americans throw out the trash, never thinking about how dangerous it is to collect it.  Garbage is placed on the street for workers to collect while dodging traffic.  With cars whizzing by, this is a dangerous profession that often leads to accidents, injuries and deaths.  In fact, garbage collectors are injured at a rate four times more likely than police or firemen.
Your Rights as an Injured Worker or Family Member If you are injured on the job or someone you love was injured at work, you might have a claim.  To find out, we encourage you to call our office and schedule a consultation.  We can review the facts of your case and let you know your rights. For help, call the Eisenberg Law Offices and schedule a consultation.  ]]>


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