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Construction site workers across Wisconsin daily face the toughest, most dangerous job conditions in the state. Although the workers are protected by safety regulations, accidents do happen. Falls at construction sites constitute the largest group of all construction related accidents and can result in serious, life-changing injuries. If you or someone close to you are victims of a construction injury and need professional legal help, do not delay in contacting the construction injury attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices in Madison WI. We will work together with you to obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Overview Of Construction Site Falls

Construction site falls can involve workers present at the site and can occur due to a wide variety of circumstances:

  • Unsafe equipment – failure of ladders or scaffolds due to improper maintenance or poor quality assembling.
  • Negligence of construction site supervisors – lack of sound judgment of supervisors or other agents regarding adequate fall restraints or such extreme weather conditions as strong winds or cold.
  • Errors/ carelessness on the construction site – erroneous signaling by the signalmen, which can result in falls from great heights; deficient maintenance and cleanup of the site that can lead to hidden holes in floors or excessive debris or  tripping hazards.

The most common falls at construction sites include:

  1. Falls on the ground due to:
    1. Tripping hazards such as construction materials or debris,/li>
    2. Insufficient barriers to prevent falls;
  2. Falls from the roof or other unprotected openings;
  3. Falls from poorly constructed or inadequate guardrails and scaffolds;
  4. Falls from ladders that are inappropriately positioned or have broken components.

Although falls from higher elevations are likely to cause the most serious injuries, even falls to the same level can be extremely dangerous, if the worker happens to fall onto iron rods or other objects.
The injuries sustained in construction site falls range from knee, ankle and foot injuries, broken bones and deep cuts to such major traumas as internal bleeding, spinal cord, back or traumatic brain injuries. In the most unfortunate cases the fall can result in death. Our Madison based construction injury attorneys advise you not to underestimate your injuries.

Construction Injuries – Compensation And Justice

The treatment of construction injuries tends to be costly, especially in cases of major traumas, which require lengthy rehabilitation and could affect the future employment opportunities of the victims. The best decision you can make for obtaining justice and protecting the rights of your immediate family is to enlist the help of a professional legal team.
It takes an experienced and qualified attorney to determine the exact costs of long-term medical bills and to estimate the appropriate compensation for your pain and personal suffering. Eisenberg Law Offices construction injury attorneys know what it takes to outwork the opponents – we have helped many workers like you secure the highest possible monetary award for your construction injuries.
If you or a loved one have been injured in a construction site fall and need an experienced personal injury attorney to represent your rights in a personal injury lawsuit, contact Eisenberg Law Offices to review your case – we will carefully evaluate the details of your case and provide you with the insight you need to make well-informed decisions in your case.




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