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Entrusting your children to someone else’s care always involves a risk. Even in the safest settings, you cannot rule out the possibility of negligent supervision. If the worst has happened and your child has been seriously or fatally injured due to negligent supervision, do not delay in contacting the personal injury attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices in Madison, Wisconsin. You may be entitled to monetary compensation and coverage of other accident related damages, including emotional pain and suffering.

Overview of Negligent Supervision

Negligent supervision is failure to prevent a predictable injury due to inadequate monitoring of a child. Negligent supervision of children can lead to a number of distressing outcomes: accidents, serious injuries, abductions, and in severe cases – death.

Our Wisconsin personal injury attorneys have worked on a wide variety of negligent supervision cases. Having families of our own, we understand the emotional strain an injury of a child can bring. No two negligent supervision cases are the same – every situation is determined by such unique factors as the surrounding environment and the supervision needs of a particular child.    We, at Eisenberg Law Offices, will represent you thoroughly and skillfully.

Any person, who takes the responsibility of caring for your child in your absence may be held liable for negligent supervision. The responsible party could be: daycare providers, nannies, babysitters, schools and teachers, churches, camp counselors, foster parents, and even parents of other children.  Some of the most common types of negligent supervision include:

  • improper supervision at daycare facility, school, church, etc.,
  • overlooked cases of bullying or harassment,
  • ignored warnings of sexual abuse or other improper behavior,
  • lack of supervision at a party, gathering, or field trip,
  • neglect by foster parents.

If your child has been a victim of any wrongful actions, do not underestimate the harm – seek professional legal help.

Why You Need a Lawyer

As an experienced Wisconsin negligence law firm, Eisenberg Law Offices, based in Madison advises you not to delay in enlisting the help of a professional personal injury attorney, as the law limits the time in which a personal injury suit can be filed. Getting started too late may mean losing your rights to compensation for the damages your child has suffered due to negligent supervision.

Likewise, the law requires proof that the person entrusted with the care of your child was indeed negligent – only a professional personal injury lawyer has the knowledge for thoroughly researching your case, obtaining the proof of negligence, filing a lawsuit, and taking the case to court if necessary.

We also advise you not to give any recorded statements to insurance companies or accept any settlement offers from them before seeking the advice of a lawyer. It is no secret that insurance companies will often do anything possible to pay as little as they can. Let our personal injury attorneys handle the negotiations with insurance companies, while you take care of the well-being of your family.

The personal injury attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices are proud to serve people throughout the state of Wisconsin. If you are a parent or a guardian of a child who has suffered an injury due to supervision negligence and need an experienced attorney to represent you, please contact us for a free consultation.


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