Birth Injuries

Is your child the victim of a birth injury?

Looking forward to the birth of a child is the most joyous event in a family.  As you wait to hold your precious one in your arms, the news of a birth injury can be devastating, both on your emotions and your finances.

In the US, seven out of one thousand newborn babies suffer physical injuries at birth or during labor. A majority of birth injuries are preventable and can be traced to medical negligence. These can range from the mild to the serious and can happen due to a number of causes.

If you know or suspect that your child suffered a birth injury due to medical negligence, please contact Eisenberg Law Offices, S.C. for a free consultation. Our experienced Birth Injury Attorneys in Madison will represent your family and help you claim the compensation you deserve. We understand the pain of suffering caused by medical neglect or an irresponsible doctor, midwife or nurse.

What constitutes a birth injury?

Common birth injuries include the following conditions:

  • Bone and skull fractures
  • Brachial Plexus or Erb’s Palsy
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Skin abrasions and irritation
  • Paralysis
  • Infections
  • Brain damage or swelling
  • Nerve damage
  • Bleeding
  • Injury caused by forceps and other instruments
  • Cerebral Palsy

Some of the above conditions may necessitate expensive lifelong medical attention, snatching away the child’s chance of a normal life. We know the mental and physical trauma associated with this.

If your child is the victim of birth injuries due to a doctor’s substandard care, we want to help you. Please contact Eisenberg Law Offices, S.C. Our experienced Wisconsin Birth Injury lawyers have the knowledge and skills to represent you successfully and get you fair financial compensation for your child’s suffering.

What causes birth injuries?

Birth injuries are typically caused by the following:

  • Low oxygen to the baby’s brain at the time of labor and delivery
  • Medical negligence by attending medical staff during pregnancy, labor and  delivery
  • Shoulder Dystocia – a condition where the baby’s shoulders are stuck behind the mother’s pubic bone and not freed in time
  • The side effects of prescription drugs during pregnancy
  • Birth injury caused by the fetus’ exposure to harmful chemicals
  • Fetal distress caused to babies who are too large for vaginal birth or babies with large fetal heads
  • The use of instruments such as the forceps or vacuum  during delivery, causing injuries to the head and face and resulting in nerve damage, paralysis or skull fracture.
  • Stillbirth

Your child or you do not deserve to suffer the distress from a birth injury caused by medical negligence. Trust our Birth Injury Attorney in Madison, WI, at Eisenberg Law Offices, S.C., to help you take legal action and ensure that your family is rightfully compensated for your suffering. Get in touch today for a free consultation.


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