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Child Support Lawyer – Madison WI

Have you recently become a separated or divorced parent? Then, child support must be on your mind.

When a couple with children files for divorce, annulment, marriage dissolution or separation, a court usually orders one parent to provide a stipulated amount to the other for the financial upkeep of their offspring until the child turns 18 years old, or 19 if the child is still pursuing a high school diploma or its equivalent.  This is called child support.  Child support can be ordered even when the parents share equal placement of their children.

Navigating child support statutes and calculations can be a complex process and requires legal guidance. Whether you wish to sufficiently secure child support or to ensure that you do not overpay, the experienced child support lawyers at Eisenberg Law Offices, located in Madison, Wisconsin, can enable you to resolve this matter in a hassle-free manner. We understand that the termination of your marriage has already emotionally drained you; our skilled attorneys will negotiate the best child support payment for you without adding to your stress and trauma.

Wisconsin Child Support Calculations

Wisconsin courts typically enter an order for child support once the parents are no longer living together. In order to determine the child support award amount where one parent has primary placement (more than 25% of the overnights), state law requires that parent to pay a certain percentage of his or her income. Depending on how many children you have, child support payments are calculated as follows:

  • One child: 17%
  • Two children: 25%
  • Three children: 29%
  • Four children: 31%
  • Five or more children: 34%

In a shared placement situation, where each parent has placement more than 25% of the overnights, child support calculations take into account the above percentage but also  include adjustments for each parent’s income and the number of overnights each parent has with the children over the course of the year.

The child support amount ordered is then deducted from each of the paying parent’s pay checks by the employer and sent to a central disbursement unit.

In certain situations, the court may adjust this standard. For instance, this percentage pattern may vary for parents whose income may be either high or low. Additionally, a person paying child support can get a reduction in payment due to severe financial hardship such as unemployment, health emergencies, etc. Similarly, a custodial parent may request that the court increase the child support payment based on extraordinary expenses.

There are some factors which also determine the final computed amount for child support, such as financial expenses of the child, sharing of child placement between the parents, and additional child support payments being made by the parent, among others. The child support lawyers at Eisenberg Law Offices specialize in the nuances of the child support calculation methods and can skillfully guide you through this cumbersome process.

Child Support Lawyers In Madison, Wisconsin

At Eisenberg Law Offices, our experienced child support attorneys will negotiate the best child support payment plan which suits your circumstances both while the divorce is pending and after it is final while ensuring your child’s welfare. The child support lawyers at Eisenberg Law Offices are well-versed in all legal issues regarding child support calculations and payments and can step in to relieve you of the burden of single-handedly dealing with complicated statutes, financial reports, and related details.

Depending on your role as a custodial or non-custodial parent, we can vigorously fight for your desired child support demands or proactively secure reduced payments for you. Above all, our child support attorneys retain the well-being and maintenance needs of your child as our foremost priority. Eisenberg Law Offices, in Madison, Wisconsin, can help get you a just child support payment order, but you must act before it’s too late. Contact us at your earliest for a free, confidential consultation!




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