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Uncontested Divorce Attorneys Wisconsin

Eisenberg Law Offices, Madison, Wisconsin

When a relationship reaches the point of no return, it is better to let go than carry on. Contrary to the popular belief that ending a marriage entails arguments in the court over who gets to keep the motor home or the log cabin, divorce does not have to be expensive and stressful. As divorce is becoming more common and the stigma attached to it fades, increasing number of American couples choose to forego the courtroom drama of establishing who is right. Instead, they value the speed and ease offered by an uncontested divorce.

The uncontested divorce attorneys of Eisenberg Law Offices, located in Madison, Wisconsin, are ready to guide you through your divorce with fewer proceedings and less legal wrangling, enabling you to move forward with your new life.

What Is Uncontested Divorce?

For a divorce to be uncontested, both spouses must have a clear agreement about all the issues related to ending their marriage, such as property division, custody of children, support payments and any other financial matters. Since Wisconsin is a no-fault divorce state, the spouses do not need to state a negative, fault-based reason for dissolving the marriage – it is sufficient to declare that the union is “irretrievably broken”.

Over 95% of all divorces in the U.S. get filed as uncontested. The vast majority of couples prefer to end their marriage this way because of the benefits this process offers:

  • Financial ease. Generally, the uncontested divorce is the cheapest way to end a marriage, as the process is shorter than in contested divorces, resulting in lower amounts of legal fees.
  • Efficient time frame. The uncontested divorce usually happens faster than most people anticipate – it can be done in as little as twenty days, as opposed to the often extensive proceedings of contested divorces, which can span years.
  • More privacy. Since in uncontested divorce there is simply less information to be filed, it minimizes the amount of private information made public.
  • Lower level of conflict. The shorter proceedings of uncontested divorce can lower the amount of conflict between the spouses simply by offering fewer chances for arguments to arise. Thus, the couple can part quietly and with dignity, sparing also the children from the emotional strain of a prolonged divorce.

Areas Covered In Uncontested Divorce

Attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices, based in Madison, Wisconsin, have extensive experience of working with clients filing for divorce. We have thorough knowledge of local Wisconsin regulations in all the areas covered in uncontested divorce:

  • Child custody. Often, children go through the most turmoil during a divorce. The inability of parents to decide about custody adds to their sufferings. Child custody disputes may be complicated, involving such difficult matters as mental illness and drug or alcohol abuse. Our divorce attorneys will ensure that these disputes get solved within the shortest possible timeframe, in order to save the emotional wellbeing of your children. 
  • Alimony/maintenance. Alimony usually is a highly disputed matter, which can have lasting impact on your new life after divorce. Financial resources of spouses, length of marriage, standard of living and work experience are only a few of the matters which can affect the alimony amount. Only experienced divorce attorney can ensure that you secure for yourself the amount you deserve.
  • Child support. Health and dental insurance, daycare, private school tuition and many other expenses can be claimed, when determining the amount of child support. Eisenberg Law Offices uncontested divorce attorneys will not only help you to identify and calculate the required amounts, but also fight for child support on your behalf.
  • Property division. Property division issues may involve millions of dollars in assets. Since the sums at stake can be very high, it is of utmost importance to enlist the services of a professional divorce lawyer, who can identify and properly evaluate all the assets ensuring a fair deal.

Divorces usually come with a heavy emotional baggage attached. Handling the process on your own may unnecessarily extend this period of discomfort. By letting a skillful divorce attorney do all the required paperwork for you, you will save your time and will be able to move on to your new life sooner than you expected.

Our experienced divorce lawyers can help you secure a lower cost divorce while protecting both parties’ interests. Call Eisenberg Law Offices today for a free consultation!




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