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Property division is a key component of any divorce process. While some couples easily agree how to divide their shared property, others may need to invest extra work to  arrive at a fair settlement. Such complex assets as real estate, closely held businesses, stock options, retirement plans and hidden assets can create problems in dividing property – they are difficult to value and require the involvement of financial experts and appraisers to obtain a satisfactory divorce property division. Our family law attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices, located in Madison, Wisconsin, have the expertise and resources to tackle the complicated distribution and valuation of the assets in your divorce.

Approaching Complex Property in a Wisconsin Divorce

Dealing with complex property in a divorce consists of two major steps. First, both parties have to identify all their marital property. Utmost care has to be taken in this stage, as one party may mistakenly claim something as exempt or even deliberately fail to disclose assets.  This can result in major financial losses for the other party. Eisenberg Law Offices family attorneys have extensive experience in identifying marital property and will ensure that all your assets are accurately reported.

Once the marital property is identified, the next step is to value it. Most courts identify an item’s fair market value on the date of valuation.  You can rely on Eisenberg Law Offices for establishing a fair market value of your marital property – we have the required resources of licensed real estate appraisers, car dealers, estate sale professionals and certified public accountants.

Valuation Of Complex Assets in a Wisconsin Divorce

Many considerations have to be taken into account when valuing complex assets. It is important to make smart decisions in this process, as the outcome of your marital property settlement will leave a lasting impact on your future financial well-being.

Real Estate. Your marital residence is one of the biggest assets in a divorce. Depending on your selected course of action (sell the real estate or keep it and buy out the other party’s share), our family law attorneys will enlist the help of a professional appraiser and guide you in arriving at the best financial settlement.

Closely Held Business. Valuation of a business depends on numerous factors, such as identifying and valuing business assets, documenting business debt and determining how strong the business is. We will help you to identify all the features of your business, which can affect its value, and determine your share.

Securities. This includes stocks, mutual funds, bonds, money market accounts or CD’s. Our family law attorneys will present you with the possible courses of action for dividing these highly complex marital assets.

Retirement Plans. Your retirement plan may be considered as marital property and might be subject to division. Eisenberg Law Offices family attorneys are up to date with Wisconsin state laws on retirement plan distribution and will help you to draw up a QDRO (Qualified Domestic Relations Order), if such need would arise.

Hidden Assets. It may happen that one of the parties in a divorce mistakenly disregards or purposefully hides certain assets (for example, bank accounts, investments, etc.). Our attorneys are experienced in uncovering hidden assets – we collaborate with accountants and other financial experts who have the resources and knowledge to locate such assets.

In addition to the emotional distress, valuing of complex assets in a divorce can turn into a war in and of itself. We at Eisenberg Law Offices know how contentious property division can become.  Clients have depended on us to handle this troublesome task of protecting their financial interests, and we have proved to be worthy of their trust.

If you are currently undergoing a divorce and need help determining what your shared assets are worth and how their valuation will affect the property division and payment calculations, contact the family law attorneys of Eisenberg Law Offices for a free consultation.




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