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When legal issues affect your family, the entire household faces emotionally traumatic times. We, at Eisenberg Law in Madison, Wisconsin, will work on solving your legal problems efficiently, in order to alleviate your stress and put you in a strong position for a successful transition to the next stage of your life. Our family law and divorce attorneys are well-versed in Wisconsin laws and dedicated to perform their best in protecting your rights and interests.

Comprehensive Family Law Services

Divorce-Family-LawAt Eisenberg Law, we are committed to providing the highest quality assistance to our clients struggling with family law issues. We understand that resolution of family related matters is stressful and requires objectivity and compassion. Our attorneys will carefully listen to your family situation and address the issues at hand with empathy and complete confidentiality.

By becoming a client of Eisenberg Law, you will receive in-depth and comprehensive legal counsel in a wide array of family law practice areas:

After a thorough consideration of your particular case, Eisenberg Law will provide you with a family law attorney whose experience will facilitate resolving the matter in the most positive manner possible.

Skilled Divorce Attorneys

We understand the emotional distress and anxiety that affects men and women involved in family conflicts. Whether you are seeking a termination of a relationship or solution to such matters as child custody and visitation, child placement, maintenance and alimony awards, our divorce attorneys at Eisenberg Law will use their experience, skills and knowledge of local Wisconsin laws to assist you in finding the optimal solution.

Some of the tools our lawyers use are:

  1. Mediation – a voluntary process, which is an effective way of resolving divorce issues without the need to go to court. Our professionals will assist you in the mediation process, helping you to arrive to an outcome that both involved parties are willing to accept.
  2. Collaborative divorce – a process similar in concept to mediation, but with more support. In case of a collaborative divorce, both parties’ attorneys guide the parties in negotiating a settlement without engaging in litigation.

However, if mediation and collaborative divorce fail to provide the desired outcome,  or are not appropriate for your situation, Eisenberg Law divorce lawyers will skillfully represent you at the divorce trial for the final termination of your marriage and to successfully resolve issues regarding child custody, maintenance, alimony, child placement, child support, and property division.

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Child Custody, Child Placement & Visitation

Eisenberg Law will keep you informed of your custodial and placement rights as a parent while keeping in mind the best interests of your children. Whether you are seeking sole custody or joint custody, primary or shared placement or visitation, Eisenberg Law can help you achieve the best result for your case.

Child Support

Determining child support can be complicated and frustrating. The family and divorce lawyers of Eisenberg Law are knowledgeable about child support laws and will ensure that we get the best child support order for you under the facts in your case.

Division of Marital Property

Property division in Wisconsin depends on many factors, including the length of your marriage, the value of your property, financial obligations, and other family circumstances. Trust the lawyers of Eisenberg Law to use their experience and knowledge in dealing with Wisconsin law to get you the best financial outcome under the circumstances of your case.

Maintenance / Alimony

Whether a Wisconsin court orders maintenance or alimony payments in a divorce case depends on numerous factors, including each parties’ earnings or earning capacity, contributions to the marriage, length of marriage, and more. You can count on the family / divorce lawyers at Eisenberg Law to organize and pursue your position on maintenance / alimony to a settlement or judgment that is fair to you.


If a child’s paternity is in question, rely on the family and divorce attorneys at Eisenberg Law. We are familiar with the legal process and laws involved in determining paternity and will work to get the best order possible for you regarding child custody, placement or visitation, and child support.

At Eisenberg Law, we believe in strong work ethics and highly value the trust of our clients. Our family and divorce lawyers will ensure a thorough understanding of your objectives, needs and resources as well as provide you with regular updates on the status of your case. By selecting Eisenberg Law to represent your interests, you will gain the support of professionals dedicated to developing efficient and just solutions, customized to the particular needs of your families.

Eisenberg Law Offices is proud to serve the Madison, Wisconsin area as well as clients throughout the state. Contact us for a free, confidential consultation to discuss your family and divorce law needs.



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