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There are times when disputes arise among businesses which cannot be resolved by arbitration or negotiation. Business litigation involves a lawsuit filed against a business by its employees, owners or partners suing owners or partners, consumers or other businesses. Business lawyers are hired to oversee the case and prepare the best possible defense against the lawsuit. They might be able to settle the lawsuit through mediation or arbitration and avoid litigation altogether which is beneficial for all parties.  The best Wisconsin business litigation attorneys can be found here at Eisenberg Law Offices in Madison, Wisconsin. We deal with all types of business litigation cases and work out the best solution for our clients.

Types Of Business Litigation

There are a number of different types of business litigation. Wisconsin business litigation attorneys at ELO are experienced in providing legal counsel to clients involved in any of the following types of business litigation:

  • Business divorce: When co-owners of a business get involved in a dispute, this may lead to a corporate dissolution or a break-up of a business partnership or legal entity. This is referred to as business divorce litigation.
  • Breach of Contract: This is a legal issue which arises when one or more persons do not honor a contract or binding agreement agreed to between business entities.
  • Property and Lease disputes: This type of business litigation is an expensive one due to the finances involved in property transactions today. These disputes are related to the sale, purchase and lease of property.
  • Unfair competition: When the actions of a business harm another business, it could be unfair competition. Furthermore, if a company obtains gains which result in loss to  another business and these profits are attained through unlawful means, this is also a case of unfair competition.
  • Non-Competition Agreements. This occurs when a former employee violates an agreement to not compete with his former employer for a period of time and over a specified distance.
  • Failure to perform or deliver: When a business promises to deliver a product/service and it does not do so, this is classified under failure to perform or deliver.
  • Collections: This refers to recouping of debt through certain legal actions by creditors.
  • Judgments: This is a legal decision taken by the court following a business lawsuit. Judgments may be binding upon both parties, but some judgments can be appealed.
  • Mediation and Arbitration: These are two processes used to settle disputes ‘outside the court’. Mediation is the process in which two parties settle their dispute with a neutral third party that acts as a ‘mediator’. Arbitration is closer to actual court proceedings because it may be binding.  The process is conducted in front of one or more arbitrators.  Both processes save time and expense of long and complicated court proceedings.

How Business Litigation Attorneys At ELO Help

If you are involved in a business dispute and need good litigation attorneys in Wisconsin, then look no further. Here at Eisenberg Law Offices, we have experienced litigation attorneys in Wisconsin who can scrutinize your case uniquely, and come up with the best possible solution. Our business lawyers are trained to assess all the factors that lead to a dispute, consider all outcomes and then decide whether the matter is best settled outside court through mediation or taken to court. If the matter can be settled outside the court, our attorneys are prepared to get the best out-of-court settlement for you and your business. Otherwise, our attorneys are well trained to manage all your legal proceedings in court and combine litigation strategy with your business strategy.

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