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Civil litigation cases can be diverse and challenging. At Eisenberg Law Offices, in Madison, Wisconsin, our civil litigation attorneys are well-versed with state law and have years of experience to guide you through such cases which include contract disputes, business law, partnership disputes, non-compete agreements, general civil litigation, trade secrets, and construction disputes.

Whether you are a large corporation or a small family-owned business, our civil lawyers can pursue your case with acumen and skillful persuasion.

Types Of Civil Litigation Cases

Civil litigation covers a broad range of disputes. Eisenberg Law civil litigation attorneys routinely handle the following types of civil litigation cases and can expertly navigate through complex laws affiliated with your case.

  • Contract Disputes
    Are you facing a contract dispute? Eisenberg Law handles all sorts of contract disputes.  These include general contract, bad faith, insurance coverage, purchasing agreements, and real estate contracts.
  • Business Law
    Legal challenges are faced by corporations and other business entities on a regular basis. A litigation attorney at Eisenberg Law can help you understand the intricate issues involved in your case with regard to your particular business.
  • Partnership Disputes
    Partnership disputes arise when certain shareholders or partners in a business find that they can no longer work together.  Business partnership disagreements can be very emotional and volatile. Our experienced civil lawyers can help in partnership disputes and can smoothly resolve your dispute
  • Non-Compete Agreements
    Under a non-compete agreement, one party, usually an employee, agrees not to pursue a similar trade or profession in competition against another party, usually the employer.
  • General Civil Litigation
    Some cases cannot be neatly or easily categorized. For example, certain real estate cases involve issues that may not be related to the home such as disputes with other residents.  A civil lawyer at Eisenberg Law can help you with your general litigation case.
  • Trade Secrets
    Your business plans, customer lists, and supplier lists are all trade secrets and can be protected by trade secret law.  You need to take steps to guard your trade secrets if you wish to enforce a legal protection in the case of a problem.  Civil litigation lawyers at Eisenberg Law can help you with the identification and protection of your trade secrets.

Eisenberg Law can Handle Complex Civil Disputes

Civil litigation lawsuits can be quite complicated with many legal and non-legal issues surrounding them. Hiring the right lawyer is the most important decision you can make. Eisenberg Law, based in Madison, Wisconsin, has a proven track record of successful cases.

Whether your lawsuit requires negotiations, arbitration, hearing, or trial, our litigation lawyers will proactively work toward a settlement to your  maximum satisfaction.

Let the expert civil lawyers at Eisenberg Law put your mind at ease so that you can once again live your professional and personal life in a stress-free manner. In order to do so, you must seek a resolution to your case at the earliest possible time. Call us today for a free consultation!




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