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Meet The Personal Injury, Criminal Defense And Family Law Attorneys At Eisenberg Law Offices In Madison Wisconsin

Mark A. Eisenberg

As one of the founding members of Eisenberg Law, Mark A. Eisenberg has been with the law firm since its inception in 1983 and brings years of experience in criminal defense lawpersonal injury defensefamily / divorce lawcivil litigation, and drunk driving defense in the State of Wisconsin. He currently serves as a senior partner at Eisenberg Law Offices, S.C.

Stephen J. Eisenberg

Steve Eisenberg - Madison WI Personal Injury Attorney

Also one of the founding members of Eisenberg Law, Stephen J. Eisenberg has been with the firm since its inception in 1983. As a part of the team of 5 lawyers at Eisenberg Law, Steve brings years of experience working on criminal defensepersonal injurycivil litigation, and juvenile law cases in the Madison, Wisconsin area.

Kim M. Zion

Kim Zion - Madison WI AttorneyKim Zion has been practicing law in Dane County since 1990. For the last twenty years she has focused her practice in the areas of state and federal criminal defensejuvenile law (including CHIPS and delinquency), Chapter 51 civil commitments and family law. She has been regularly appointed by Dane County Judges to represent parents in both criminal and CHIPS actions and is the coordinator for the Dane County Parental Representation Project.

Jack S. Lindberg

Jack Lindberg - Madison WI AttorneyJack Lindberg joined Eisenberg Law Offices as an attorney in August 2011. Previously, he worked at Eisenberg Law Offices as a law clerk. Jack’s practice at ELO encompasses both criminal law and civil litigation, including appellate advocacy. He has experience working with personal injury suits, contractual disputes, administrative claims and procedures, as well as a variety of both felony and misdemeanor criminal cases.

James C. Severson

James C SeversonJames C. Severson joined Eisenberg Law Offices as an attorney in 2012 and previously worked at Eisenberg Law Offices as a law clerk. James’s practice areas include civil litigationfamily law, and criminal defense. James provides creative solutions to individuals who may feel uncertain with their legal rights and the legal process.  He has represented people in divorces, as well as child custody, paternity, and child support matters. His experience range from traditional cases involving modest assets to those with significant net worth and business ownership interests.   He also represents individuals who have been injured in accidents, parents in Chapter 48 matters (CHIPS) and individuals facing criminal charges.

Derek Brown

Derek Brown joined Eisenberg Law Offices as an attorney in September, 2019. Derek’s practice areas include family law and criminal defense. He has experience working with both felony and misdemeanor criminal cases, divorces, juvenile delinquency, and CHIPS cases.

Any one of our experienced attorneys will be happy to discuss the details of your particular case and will let you know if we can effectively represent you.



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Eisenberg Law has successfully represented our clients in thousands of Personal Injury, Criminal Defense and Family Law Cases during our 30-plus years in business.


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