Mistakes Commonly Made Following a Dog Bite

Dog Bites – Common Mistakes following a BiteDog bites provide an all-too-common source of injuries in Wisconsin. And unfortunately, children are three to five times more likely than adults to suffer personal injuries from interactions with a dog. Most of these injuries come from a dog the victim knows. If you or your family members have been injured by a dog bite, be careful not to make any of these common mistakes in the aftermath.

  1. Avoiding Medical Care
You or your child may try to handle your injuries yourselves. If the wounds do not look too bad, you may feel you can just take care of it without incurring the cost of care. But much of the danger in a dog bite lurks unseen.Dogs have bacteria in their mouths. If you are not up to date on tetanus shots or other immunizations, you may face dangers beyond the visible punctures or cuts. See a medical professional right away to protect yourself.
  1. Keeping It from Authorities
Beyond your own care, you need to take time to contact the local police and animal control. You may not want to do this if you know the animal and its owner, but if the dog needs to be quarantined or tested for rabies or other dangerous conditions, the failure to notify authorities does the community a disservice. The authorities will need to examine the dog and make sure it is not a danger to itself or others. They will also help you document what happened.
  1. Not Seeking Legal Help
In Wisconsin, a dog bite subjects the owner to liability of two times the total damages the victim suffers if the dog has previously attacked or bitten someone. But if you do not seek the help of an experienced attorney, you will struggle to identify the damages and get your legal recovery. Don’t try to navigate the system yourself; contact the experienced legal experts at Eisenberg Law Offices.]]>


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