commercial truck accident

What To After a Commercial Truck Accident

Steps to take following a commercial truck accident Accidents involving commercial semi-trailers and passenger vehicles are an entirely different animal from accidents involving cars and pickups only. The large size and massive weight of a semi create a bigger risk of more severe injuries. The steps you take after a truck accident mimic what you do in any traffic accident to an extent but also take on more urgency. Get people to safety, tend to injuries, and call emergency services. … Continue Reading

distracted driving

Recognize and Combat Distracted Driving

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month This April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and while most people now know what distracted driving is, they don't realize that they are likely taking part in it daily. Distracted driving can be as dangerous as drowsy or drunk driving, and in fact, it can be worse, because your guard is completely down and you don't have a sense that something is off even though you're sober and awake. Take a look at what distracted driving is really all about, … Continue Reading

OWI attorney Madison WI

Your First Wisconsin OWI Is Still a Big Deal

Your First OWI in Wisconsin will significantly impact your life Many people believe that the first offense for an OWI in Wisconsin will bring a slap on the wrist. Mistakes happen, after all. Unfortunately, this is not the case. An OWI arrest brings real consequences that can impact you for the rest of your life. For this reason, if you are charged with OWI in Madison, you should retain an experienced attorney to help. Monetary Penalties Your first OWI offense counts as a civil … Continue Reading

attorney-client privilege

Understanding Attorney-Client Privilege

What is protected by Attorney-Client Privilege? Attorneys hear all kinds of information from their clients. If you speak with an attorney, you may be nervous about what you should tell him or her. You want your lawyer to help you, but you may have information that you don't want to get out.  Fortunately, your communication with your attorney(s) is protected by Attorney-Client Privilege.  What does this mean? The law creates privileges and protections for your communications with … Continue Reading

car accident attorneys

Maintain Your Vehicle to Prevent Car Accidents

Properly maintenance can prevent car accidents If you are driving in the Madison, Wisconsin area, you need to do what you can to prevent car accidents. Safe driving requires more than just following speed limits and traffic rules. You also need to maintain your vehicle. If you get involved in a car accident, you may be responsible if the accident results from your failure to properly maintain your vehicle. Heeding these warning signs can help you avoid liability. 1. Worn Tires Your … Continue Reading

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