Criminal Defense Lawyer Madison WI

3 Reasons Contacting a Wisconsin Lawyer Before an Arrest Can Help

Don't wait to contact a Wisconsin Lawyer if you might be arrested If you are afraid you will be arrested in or around Madison, Wisconsin, you do not have to wait to contact a Wisconsin Lawyer. In fact, if you can act sooner, waiting until you are arrested is almost always the wrong move. Taking charge and getting ahead of things can go a long way toward helping you defend against charges that may be filed. 1. Gain Control Over Your Arrest When you are arrested, you control very little. … Continue Reading

water park injuries

Can You Sue for Theme Park Injuries?

Consult an Attorney if you've suffered Theme Park Injuries Wisconsin is home to many theme parks and water parks that can provide a great day of fun for you and your family. With thousands of people and rides that require frequent maintenance, though, theme park injuries will occur. If you are injured at a theme park or water park, you may not be sure when you can sue the park for damages. The park will usually take the position that it has no liability. Before you take their word for it, you … Continue Reading

Wisconsin truck accidents attorneys

Injuries from Working Distracted Drivers

Distracted Drivers who are working are causing car accidents By now, most people have heard about the dangers of distracted driving. Unfortunately, too many people think of it as something for others to worry about. Distracted driving is a major problem, in Wisconsin and throughout the United States. When drivers lose focus on what they are doing, they cause accidents. If you have been injured by someone driving on the job while distracted, you may be entitled to compensation. How Distracted … Continue Reading

distracted driving in wisconsin

Headphones And Distracted Driving In Wisconsin

Wearing Headphones can cause Distracted Driving in Wisconsin Distracted driving in Wisconsin is an ongoing challenge. As technology has expanded to infiltrate our vehicles, the car accident attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices are noticing ever-increasing numbers of distracted driving cases. While most people understand that talking on the phone or texting and driving is a distraction that causes car accidents, another very common but less well-understood distraction is the use of headphones or … Continue Reading

car accident injuries

When Is A Vehicle Totaled | Madison Car Accident Attorneys

What Determines When A Vehicle Is Totaled? After the shock of a car accident wears off and injuries are taken care of, most vehicle owners start to wonder how much damage their car sustained. Foremost in their mind is usually whether or not the vehicle is totaled. When a vehicle is totaled, it is considered to be a "total loss" by the vehicle insurer. Sometimes, drivers know immediately that the vehicle has been totaled - the damage is that severe. But in other cases, a driver may be … Continue Reading

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