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injury lawyers in Madison review ski resort liability claims. Sometimes they have a basis in fact, sometimes they don’t. Whether or not a ski resort is liable for injuries depends on how and where you were injured.

The How And Where Of Ski Resort Injuries

There are many ways and places that a skier could get injured at a ski resort.

  1. At the Resort. Just like hotels and other businesses, the ski resort can be held liable for injuries that occur on the property. Ski resorts have a duty to keep the resort safe and in good condition. Basic steps like maintaining ice-free walkways, keeping equipment in good condition, and maintaining the lifts and slopes are expected of ski resorts.
  1. On the Ski Lift. Ski lift accidents are extremely common and, sometimes, the resort is to blame. Some resorts require skiers to sign a waiver before using the equipment, lift, or slopes to limit their liability in case an accident occurs. But if the accident was the direct result of poor maintenance or unsafe machinery, that waiver can be tossed out by a court.
  1. On the Slopes. Waivers apply on the slopes too. Skiing comes with inherent risks, but skiers also have a duty to be safe when participating. Anyone who exhibits dangerous behavior or negligence that causes another person to be injured could be held personally liable for the injury. Ski resorts have a duty to keep the slopes, trails, and runs in safe condition.

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