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When To Hire A Madison Family Law Attorney

When To Hire A Madison Family Law Attorney

The question of when to hire a family law attorney comes up more often than you’d expect. Many people don’t realize how much an attorney can help them early on in a case and wait too long to get legal representation. Others don’t realize that they are able to hire a family law attorney because there is no requirement to do so in Wisconsin. However, it’s a good idea to consult an attorney any time you find yourself involved in a family law matter.

Family Law Areas Of Focus

The Eisenberg Law Offices Madison family law attorneys help clients in many different areas of their family life including: marriages, civil unions, domestic partnerships, pre-nuptial agreements, divorces, maintenance, adoptions, paternity suits, child support, child custody and placement, guardianships,  termination of parental rights, and children in need of protection and services (CHIPS) cases.

When To Hire A Family Law Attorney

If there is one piece of advice we can give, it is to hire an attorney early in the process. Although there isn’t a right or wrong time to hire a family law attorney, the earlier the attorney gets involved, the stronger he or she can make your case. Having more time to prepare is always better than having less time. You can hire an attorney at any time, both before and after you have started the family law action.

Specific situations make hiring a family law attorney especially important. These include:

  • Domestic Violence Or Abuse.

Victims of domestic abuse should consult an attorney. In addition to acting a buffer between the abuser and the victim, the attorney can provide advice regarding statutory protections and can help put protective measures in place for the victim and any at-risk children.

  • Contested Issues Involving Children.

Any situations involving disagreements about child custody, placement, or support should be handled by an attorney. The chances of the two parties coming to an amicable agreement on their own are slim.

  • Complex Financial Issues.

If there are unique or complicated financial issues or significant assets involved, hiring an attorney will ensure a more equitable resolution. Owning a business, being self-employed, having substantial gifts, inheritances, or marital assets, and pre- or post-nuptial agreements are all examples of situations that would benefit from an attorney’s guidance.

  • Your Spouse Has Hired An Attorney.

Always hire an attorney to represent you if your spouse or ex has hired one. It will ensure a more level playing field and you’ll have someone looking out for your best interests.

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