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Use A Divorce Lawyer For An Uncontested Divorce

Filing For An Uncontested Divorce: What You Should Know Before Contacting a Divorce Lawyer in Madison, WI

As couples have decided to dissolve their relationships for various reasons, divorce has become increasingly common. However, as common as it now is, there is still a stigma attached to divorce that causes many individuals to believe that divorce involves endless fighting, custody battles, and emotional bloodshed. That is simply not true!

Uncontested divorces are an easier and more amicable way to end a marriage. Here is what you should know when contacting a divorce lawyer in Madison, WI:

What Is Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce is when each spouse is aware of and agrees to the terms involved in divorcing one another. Unlike other states, Wisconsin is a no-fault divorce state that does not require individuals to state a negative reason for ending the marriage. Therefore, couples can mutually agree that their relationship is past the point of no return. They can end their marriage and divide things as they see fit.

Areas Involved In Uncontested Divorce

Utilizing a divorce lawyer in Madison, WI at Eisenberg Law Offices ensures that you are working with a lawyer who has had ample experience in assisting couples through filing for an uncontested divorce. They have thorough knowledge of all of the areas involved, including child custody, maintenance, child support, and property division. Their ultimate goal is to help you decide on a plan that is good for you and acceptable to the other party.

Benefits Of An Uncontested Divorce

The process of completing an uncontested divorce is shorter than contested divorces, resulting in lower legal fees. Another benefit to a shorter time frame is less time to carry the emotional turmoil of divorce. Finally, the greatest benefit of an uncontested divorce is a lower level of conflict. There is less time for arguments or embarrassing and hurtful interactions, allowing individuals to part with more dignity and peace.

If you are considering filing for divorce, contact the Eisenberg Law Offices and speak with a divorce lawyer in Madison, WI today! Do not attempt to handle this potentially dreadful experience on your own, but rather enlist the help of a skillful and experienced divorce attorney to help you get the best possible outcome.


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