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Get Straight Talk From A Divorce Attorney In Madison WI

Expect The Truth From Your Divorce Attorney In Madison WI

Getting a divorce is a life-changing event that most people hope not to repeat a second time. You are at your most vulnerable and at this time it is important to find a divorce attorney in Madison, WI who will treat you with compassion and respect, while giving you the honest truth about what is ahead. Eisenberg Law Offices will give you the truth and craft a plan for your future.

What Your Lawyer Will Tell You

Here are a few realities that your lawyer should tell you.

  • Divorce will cost you more than you think. A good attorney will not sugarcoat the fees and other costs that might include expert witnesses, private investigators, court time, and negotiation.
  • You may need to hire an accountant. Whether you are the breadwinner, shared the earning responsibilities, or are a stay-at-home spouse, an accountant will give you an idea of your current financial responsibilities and the implications that division of assets and paying or receiving maintenance (alimony) will have on your finances.
  • You may also need a financial planner. You need a good understanding of the value of your assets.
  • What you have after your assets are split might be more or less than you had to manage previously and will impact your future.
  • Don’t be afraid to seek counseling to help manage your emotions. Divorce can be devastating and cloud your thinking as you mourn the end of your relationship and your changing life. A little help can help you manage during this difficult time.

Consult With A Trustworthy Divorce Attorney In Madison, WI

Any of these realities may be hard to wrap your head around, but you need to embrace them to achieve the end you desire. Your Eisenberg Law Office lawyer will give you a thorough understanding of what your divorce will cost in attorney fees and for the services of other professionals you need in your corner to restructure your life.

For a free consultation with a straight-shooting divorce attorney in Madison, WI who can help you embrace the future, contact us at 608-256-8356.


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