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Avoid DIY Divorce Perils By Hiring A Divorce Lawyer In Madison, WI

With DIY divorce, a supposedly quick and easy way to terminate a marriage, why choose a divorce lawyer in Madison, WI when you can download the instructions and the necessary documents online? While there are no good national or state statistics on the number of Do It Yourself divorces, it appears that this type of divorce is becoming more common. Doing the paperwork yourself can save you money during the process, but it often has consequences that are even more costly

The Perils Of DIY Divorce

In an ideal world, two civilized adults who determine that their marriage is not working can decide to go their separate ways without much legal fanfare. If a couple has been married a short time, has no children, and has minimal debt and little or no property, they might be good candidates for DIY divorce. In reality, few marriages are so cut and dried that filling out the necessary paperwork and submitting their paperwork to the court will ensure that the legal rights of both parties are preserved. One or more partners in a DIY divorce often realizes this after the fact and ends up using the services of an experienced divorce attorney who knows the nuances of the law to correct the problems caused by the DIY divorce.

When You Need The Services Of A Divorce Lawyer In Madison, WI

Before seriously considering a DIY divorce, both parties in a marriage need to consider the realities that pertain to their relationship. Wisconsin is a no-fault divorce state that recognizes the equal distribution of community property, but there are still red flags that indicate that one or more partners in the divorce will not walk quietly into the sunset. They include:

  • The parties cannot agree on the terms of the divorce or on matters such as property distribution. A lawyer can help negotiate and offer solutions to reach an agreement.
  • There are children involved. In Wisconsin, custody, placement, and child support are all issues that can cause problems now or in the future without a proper agreement.
  • There are valuable assets that were either brought into the marriage by one party or that came about after the marriage. Real property, investments and retirement accounts can be complex and their distribution may have tax consequences that a lawyer can point out.
  • There is a pattern of abuse or an imbalance between the parties in power or finances. When one person has an intimidating personality or has a significantly greater income than the other, legal intervention can ensure that each person receives the proper share.
  • There is indication or suspicion that one partner is hiding income or assets. As a result, one person cannot get their proper share of community property. A lawyer can investigate and help establish the other party’s rights to fair distribution of property and other assets.
  • One person decided to get a lawyer. When one person has representation in a divorce proceeding, they have more clout on their side than the other.

Have Eisenberg Law Offices On Your Side

In any of these circumstances, obtaining the services of an experienced divorce attorney is a sound idea that does not mean the process will end up as a costly legal battle. Attorneys can look over DIY divorce settlement papers, arrange mediations, or work with both parties to negotiate a collaborative divorce. Any of these interactions can reduce costs and emotional disruption while protecting rights for both, either in an uncontested divorce or one that reaches the court.

When you are contemplating divorce, enlist the services of Eisenberg Law Offices, where an experienced divorce lawyer in Madison, WI can help you survive a difficult time in your life and help you move on with dignity. For a free consultation, call us today at 608-256-8356 or contact us via our website.


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