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3 Reasons To Work With Madison Attorneys To Understand Your Rights As A Father

In the past, laws have traditionally and almost solely protected mother’s rights to their children in a custody dispute. That has changed in recent years and courts have increasingly recognized the importance of a father’s role in a child’s life. They ultimately seek to protect the best interest of the child, which inherently protects the mother’s AND father’s rights. The following are 3 reasons to work with Madison attorneys to better understand your rights as a father in a custody dispute:

They Help You Understand Your Rights

Custody disputes are nicknamed “battles” for a reason. They are usually filled with significant emotional turmoil and conflict between spouses. It is not a painless task to determine how to split the time you spend with your children. All the more reason to work with Madison attorneys to ensure that emotion is not being allowed to cloud judgment. They will take time to learn the details of your particular case and will advise you based on their years of experience handling these cases.

They will listen to your specific desires and arguments and present the best case possible. They want to help you, as a father, understand what rights you do have, so you can fight for them accordingly. This will help guarantee a fair ruling that protects your rights to see your children, as well as the mother’s right. The Madison attorneys at the Eisenberg Law Offices will guide you throughout the whole process, making sure you always have a full understanding of what is occurring.

They Can Help You Prepare

A big mistake that fathers often make in custody battles is that they act too late. They wait for a ruling, which they find to be unfair, and then try to appeal the verdict. Once a child support and custody order have been issued, it becomes very difficult to reverse or contest. It is much wiser to prepare fully before a ruling is ever made, so that you can present your case and receive a ruling that is fair to you as a father.

Madison attorneys will help you understand the details involved in child custody, such as the difference between physical placement and legal custody. They will also help you determine the appropriate calculation for child support and what will financially be expected of you.

They Want To Help Protect Your Relationship With Your Children

Madison attorneys at law firms such as Eisenberg Law Offices ultimately want to help you preserve and protect the relationship you have with your children. They understand that fighting over the custody of your children and protecting your rights to see them is not about getting back at your spouse, but rather about maintaining the essential bond you have with your children. Their attorney are empathetic to your situation, and ultimately want to help you remain closely connected with your children.

If you are facing divorce and an inevitable custody battle, or if you have received a ruling on an unfair custody agreement, contact the Madison attorneys at the Eisenberg Law Offices to find out how they can help you understand and protect your rights as a father. Call them at 608-256-8356 during regular business hours, or leave a message using the same number on their 24-hour helpline.]]>


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