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Contact A Divorce Lawyer In Madison, WI For Help Asserting Father’s Rights

Sometimes it seems like the legal system is stacked against Wisconsin fathers in divorce or custody/placement cases. History has shown that mothers are awarded custody/placement far more frequently than fathers. That does not mean fathers should give up without a fight. A divorce lawyer in Madison, WI can help fathers assert their rights in the areas of child custody, child support, and placement.

When To Contact A Fathers’ Rights Divorce Lawyer In Madison, WI

The rise of unmarried couples and working women has changed the way judges decide custody/placement cases. Now, it is far more common for judges to look at what is in the best interests of the children and decide the case based on those facts rather than default to giving the mother primary placement or sole legal custody.

Contact a father’s rights divorce lawyer in Madison, WI if you:

  • Are Facing A Custody/Placement Battle. If you are planning a divorce or seeking to create a custody/placement arrangement with your ex, get a divorce attorney involved early on in the process. It is much easier to assert your rights and negotiate terms before the judge has made a ruling than it is to go back and ask the court to make a change at a later date. A divorce lawyer will make sure your custody/placement arrangement is started off right.
  • You Want To Modify An Agreement. If you already have a custody, child support, or placement arrangement but are not happy with it, contact a divorce lawyer. An attorney will be able to advocate your case and negotiate better terms than you could hope to do on your own.
  • You Or Your Ex’s Situation Has Changed. Anytime one side’s situation changes substantially, you should look at the existing agreement to make sure it still works for your family. A change in jobs, marital status, or living situation can all warrant an evaluation of the existing agreement.
  • Your Ex Is Being Difficult Or Not Upholding The Agreement. Anytime your ex ignores the court ordered schedule you need to call a divorce lawyer. Madison, WI attorneys will have no problem going to court to enforce the original agreement or to try to get the terms changed so fathers receive the time they are meant to receive with their children.

Divorce Lawyers Help The Whole Family

A divorce lawyer can help not only fathers, but also the entire family. So many fathers fall into the trap of just agreeing to whatever their ex wants to avoid hurting their children, drawing out the process, or to maintain a good relationship with their ex. In reality, that may not be in the best interests of anyone, but it is hard to know what a good arrangement looks like if you have never negotiated one before.

Divorce lawyers work with couples and families every day to negotiate agreements that benefit everyone. They know how the system works and use that to advocate for their clients’ rights as parents.

At Eisenberg Law Offices, we believe that fathers play an important role in their children’s lives and should enjoy equal access to their children. If you are facing a custody/placement battle or you are unhappy with your custody, child support or placement agreement, contact us at 608-256-8356.




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