Divorce Attorneys Can Help You Win Your Child Custody and Placement Case

Divorce Attorneys Can Keep You From Sabotaging Your Child Custody And Placement Case

Your divorce attorneys will use every legal means available to fight for a fair settlement for you: fair division of assets, fair spousal support, child support, and most important of all, fair child custody and placement. You might be surprised, though, at how easily you can sabotage your custody and placement case, no matter how good your attorney may be. In deciding on child custody arrangements, the court takes many factors into account, including your wishes, your spouse’s wishes, and your children’s wishes. They also look at things like your relationship with your children, how you treat and talk about your spouse, your mental health, and your general behavior throughout the proceedings. Work with your attorneys and support the case they are building for you by putting your best foot forward at all times.

Watch Your Step

These are some areas where people commonly make mistakes that can eventually cost them their fair share of child custody and placement.

  • Be Above Reproach – Expect that your children will tell their other parent all about what happens at your home. Also expect that your spouse will attempt to capitalize on any little mishap. Take extra time and care, be extra vigilant. Don’t forget the kids’ school lunches or let them leave without a coat on a cold day. Be sure you check your home for anything potentially dangerous before the kids arrive. It doesn’t take much to stitch some small incidents together into an alleged pattern of neglect or indifference.
  • Watch Your Words – It goes without saying that you should not criticize or insult, yell at or argue with your spouse in front of your children. It does not matter if you think the kids are asleep, or you think you are alone on the patio or in your office when you are talking on the phone. Act like the judge is following you around wherever you go. You never know what a kid, or a nosy neighbor or co-worker who is friendly with your spouse, may overhear. Assume any phone conversations with your spouse are being recorded, and watch those voicemail messages. If you cannot keep your words in check, keep to yourself until you can.
  • The New Love Can Wait – Moving in with a new significant other during divorce proceedings does not reflect well on you as a parent. This is a stressful time for your kids, too, and forcing them to deal with a new person under these circumstances only adds to their stress and demonstrates to the court that you place your own desires above your children’s well-being.
  • Keep a Calendar or Journal – Notice anything strange or different with your children or the other parent? Keep written notes or a calendar to have a record of any events that are out of the norm. This may help you remember these events months or years down the line should you ever need them in court.

Assemble Your Best Team

The divorce attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices understand how stressful a divorce is, especially when child custody is at stake. Contact us online or call us today at 608-256-8356 to learn how we can help you win a fair divorce settlement and custody agreement.


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