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Consult Divorce Attorney Madison WI

Three Steps To Take Before Filing For Divorce In Madison, WI

Getting a divorce is an emotionally challenging ordeal for anyone. For many, navigating the decision to divorce can feel like the entire world is in flux. However, even during this emotionally stressful time, it’s critical to make sure that you are doing everything you can to protect yourself and your rights.

If you do, in fact, decide to file for divorce there are several steps you should take to help your transition into the next phase of your life be as seamless as possible:

Step #1: Contact A Divorce Attorney

First and foremost, consult with a divorce attorney in Madison, WI. A skilled and experienced divorce attorney will work with you to answer questions and help you understand what you can expect throughout the process. When hiring a reputable divorce attorney, it’s important to work with a team that has a lengthy and successful history in family law matters. Additionally, you will want to find a firm that has extensive experience in both litigated and mediated proceedings; that way you know that your lawyer has the experience you’ll need, no matter what happens during your divorce.

Step #2: Check Out Your Financial Big Picture

One major item that your divorce attorney will address before you file is your overall financial situation. A reputable lawyer will want to make sure that your financial rights are protected and that you receive a fair and equitable settlement if you do decide to file. Your lawyer will discuss various points including:

  • Determining income
  • Determining debt
  • Listing marital assets
  • Evaluating all current joint accounts

Once your divorce attorney has a good understanding of your overall financial picture, he/she will work closely with you to take the next steps, such as establishing individual credit, obtaining proof of income, and closing all joint credit accounts.

Step #3: Decide Your Place Of Residency

Often, individuals deciding whether or not to divorce have many questions regarding where to reside during the proceedings. Again, your divorce attorney can help you make an informed decision. A general rule of thumb is that, unless there is abuse potential in the home, it may be best to stay at the property until the divorce is complete. However, your attorney will be in a position to give you the information needed for your specific case.

Once you’ve contacted a lawyer, worked out your finances, and decided where you will reside during the process, you have one final decision to make: whether or not you are ready to dissolve your marriage. If you do decide to move forward with the proceedings, it’s important to carefully consult with your attorney throughout the entire process. Having the insight of your lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive an equitable settlement once your divorce is finalized.

If you are considering a divorce, Eisenberg Law Offices, S.C. can help. Contact our team of family law attorneys today and decide what next steps make sense for you.