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Dog Bite Injuries: Do You Have A Case? If you’ve suffered dog bite injuries, you should consult with injury lawyers in Madison as soon as possible. Many bite victims instantly assume that they have a case; however, this isn’t necessary true. It’s critical to discuss your specific incident with injury lawyers in Madison to determine if you do have a legitimate case  as well as what to expect throughout the claim process. Injury Lawyers In Madison Will Consider A Wide...

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Bike Accident Injury: Insurance Claims And Legal Options As one of the leading law firms in Madison, WI, Eisenberg Law Offices often consults with victims of a bike accident. Oftentimes, cyclists don’t realize that they have legal options if they’ve suffered from bike injuries incurred during a collision. It’s our job to ensure they know their rights and how to best put together a claim to pursue compensation for their damages. What To Know If You Get In A Bike Accident If...

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3 Common Negligence Claims Between Tenants and Landlords

At Eisenberg Law Firm, we can answer your questions about landlord-tenant laws and let you know if you have a claim against your landlord if you are injured while on their property. A Landlord Must Keep Their Property in Good Repair A landlord can be held negligent or responsible for an injury if they did not exercise their duty of care to maintain the property in a reasonable fashion. An example of this would be if the steps leading up to your rental house or apartment were in decay...

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Drug Possession and Related Crimes Can Also Involve Prescription Drugs

Drug Possession and Related Crimes Can Also Involve Prescription Drugs At the Eisenberg Law Firm, we have represented clients that have been accused of a drug crimes for using or carrying prescription drugs.  Many people are not aware that prescription drugs are also illegal. Since they are legally prescribed by a doctor one would assume that possession or delivery of these substances would not have similar penalties like offenses involving marijuana or cocaine. They do and this makes...

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Injured? Madison Law Firms Recommend Taking Legal Action Soon After The Injury Personal injury cases can take a long time to wrap up, which is one reason Madison law firms urge quick action once an injury occurs. Take the recent case from Staten Island, where a high school student suffered broken bones after being thrown to the ground by the school’s assistant dean. The case took five years to resolve, and never even went to trial. The settlement came just days before the trial was set...

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