Drug Possession and Related Crimes Can Also Involve Prescription Drugs

Drug Possession and Related Crimes Can Also Involve Prescription Drugs At the Eisenberg Law Firm, we have represented clients that have been accused of a drug crimes for using or carrying prescription drugs.  Many people are not aware that prescription drugs are also illegal. Since they are legally prescribed by a doctor one would assume that possession or delivery of these substances would not have similar penalties like offenses involving marijuana or cocaine. They do and this makes...

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Contact Madison Law Firms For Help After Injuries

Injured? Madison Law Firms Recommend Taking Legal Action Soon After The Injury Personal injury cases can take a long time to wrap up, which is one reason Madison law firms urge quick action once an injury occurs. Take the recent case from Staten Island, where a high school student suffered broken bones after being thrown to the ground by the school’s assistant dean. The case took five years to resolve, and never even went to trial. The settlement came just days before the trial was set...

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Car Accident Attorneys Urge UIM Coverage

Car Accident Attorneys Urge Drivers To Secure Additional Coverage For Car Accidents With Uninsured Motorists Automobile insurance provides drivers with financial protection after an accident. Depending on the coverage obtained the insurance can help pay for damages you or the driver cause, and injuries you or even your passengers sustain in an accident. The key to this protection is having the right coverage in place. One area of coverage that is often overlooked, but which our car accident...

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What if my Child is Bitten by a Dog? Can I Sue?

Madison Personal Injury Attorneys can assist if your child had been bitten by a dog If your child has been bitten by a dog, there is a good chance that they have suffered both physical and emotional trauma.  In this case, the owner of the dog could be liable and responsible for paying their medical bills and other expenses associated with the attack.  Dog owners are strictly liable in Wisconsin under most circumstances for damage their dog causes.  The key is to work with...

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$400k Settlement for Student Thrown by High School Assistant Dean

Personal Injury Attorneys in Madison WI can represent your Family in injury cases If your child has been harmed by a school official or someone else in authority, they have rights and you can sue on their behalf.  Recently, a Staten Island student settled a lawsuit where he was awarded $400,000 for injuries he sustained.  At the time, Brian Shane was a fifteen-year-old student, attending a high school for those with special needs and disabilities. While playing in the gym, Shane alleged...

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