Illegal drug possession charges

How You Can Defend Against a Drug Possession Charge

Are you facing Drug Possession Charges in Wisconsin? Drug charges are serious, and you don’t want to be held responsible for drugs that weren’t yours, especially if you didn’t even realize they were around. Finding out that someone has stashed drugs on you purposefully but without your knowledge, or finding out when you borrowed someone’s car that they had left some drugs inside, can be nerve-wracking. All is not lost, however; you have a number of defenses available...

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winter driving; icy road conditions

Winter’s Around the Corner — Here’s How to Stay Safe on the Road

Follow these safety tips when you drive this Winter It’s hard to believe, but winter is almost here again. That means it’s time to review how to drive safely during the colder months, and this year it’s especially important to pay attention because so many people have done so little driving for so long. Even those who have had to travel daily for essential work may find the conditions different enough that winter driving becomes more difficult. Here are some reminders for...

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underage dui

Zero Tolerance for Underage DUI in Wisconsin

Charged with an Underage DUI in Wisconsin? What you should know. You know drinking under the age of 21 is illegal. Different states prosecute this in different ways. Wisconsin applies a zero tolerance standard for underage drinking and driving. If you or your child is between ages 15 and 20 and caught driving with any alcohol in his or her system, the consequences are both immediate and severe. You will want to talk to an attorney right away to help protect your legal rights. Defining...

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arrest warrant

Dealing With An Arrest Warrant in Wisconsin

If you are facing an Arrest Warrant in Wisconsin, get experienced help! Sometimes you can find yourself in legal trouble without even knowing it. If you have an outstanding arrest warrant, you may not know about it until the police have picked you up. Before you know it, you are facing questioning and sometimes charged with a crime. If you find yourself dealing with an arrest warrant in Wisconsin, you need an experienced defense lawyer right away. What Is an Arrest Warrant? In Wisconsin,...

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personal injury claim

Do You Owe Taxes on an Accident Settlement?

An accident settlement may be taxable or non-taxable depending on how they are classified When you win a trial verdict or a settlement for personal injuries and other damages from an automobile accident, it feels like the end of a long road. Still, you have more to work through. The way the parties classify the settlement can determine how much of what you collect is taxable. Plan to work with an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you understand the tax consequences of your...

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