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Credibility Plays a Role When Prosecuting Sexual Assault Cases

Get an experienced Madison WI sexual assault attorney to represent you It’s not unusual for a sexual assault accusation to end up in court long after the alleged attack occurred. This can lead to a lack of evidence and give the case a “he said, she said” quality. The legal representation on both sides is left with presenting or attacking credibility to make their cases. This can be frightening for the people whose lives will undergo scrutiny, but there are parts that are not allowed to[...]
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Private Criminal Defense Attorney vs. Public Defender in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, as in every state, you have a right to legal representation as a criminal defendant. If you are arrested, you can choose between paying for a private criminal defense attorney or accepting a public defender for your case. While either choice will give you a licensed attorney with experience in criminal law, a private criminal lawyer presents important advantages. If you are able to hire an experienced, effective private attorney, this is usually the better path for you.[...]
Probation in Wisconsin

Placed on probation in Wisconsin. Now What?

If you are on probation in Wisconsin, know what’s expected to stay out of trouble If you are placed on probation in Wisconsin, the court has determined that you should be released back into the community rather than having to go to jail. Still, this does not mean the same thing as having your freedom. Probation usually comes with a requirement that you meet certain conditions until the probationary period expires. For this reason, you should work with your lawyer to make sure you understand and can[...]
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False Imprisonment Is a Serious Crime in Wisconsin

False Imprisonment – Know what to do if you’ve been charged
False imprisonment is a felony in Wisconsin, and the charge covers more than you might realize. It is far from a narrowly defined crime and does not resemble the jail-type scenario that many think of when they hear the term. Instead, it refers to confining or restraining someone against their will when the person doing the restraining knows that they don’t have the right to do so. The law in[...]

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Reduced Charges After a DUI Arrest

Fight DUI charges to save your right to drive
If you are convicted of driving under the influence in Wisconsin, you face significant penalties. Even for the first offense, you can face license revocation, forfeitures, education requirements, and much higher insurance premiums. For this reason, you will want to fight any DUI charges. If you can’t have charges dismissed entirely, you should try to reduce the charges to a lesser offense. You need experienced, effective counsel to achieve this.

The Evidence at[...]

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License Is Revoked After 4th OWI In Wisconsin

A 4th OWI In Wisconsin Now Results In Permanent Loss Of Driver’s License
In March of 2018, SB 135 was signed into law in Wisconsin. This new law permanently revokes a driver’s license if the driver has been convicted of a 4th OWI in Wisconsin. Prior to this bill becoming law, drivers who received a first, second, third, or fourth OWI could have their license revoked for up to 3 years with the 4th OWI resulting in a felony charge and[...]

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Understanding How Drug Testing Works

Drug testing has become common practice in a number of situations in Wisconsin. You may have to pass a drug test for employment, for insurance, as a condition of probation, or to show you are not under the influence of a controlled substance. Unfortunately, most people don't really understand how drug tests work. This leads to confusion and false expectations of the process. To learn more about what you should expect if you have to take a drug test in[...]

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Consequences of Juvenile Crimes in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, juvenile crimes are prosecuted differently from adult crimes. The law creates a different path for punishment and opportunities to overcome their crimes. Still, the consequences of juvenile convictions can be severe. Counsel experienced in representing children accused of criminal behavior is critical to helping your child move forward.


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