Probation in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Probation Rules | Probation in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Probation Rules to Know Probation is a sentencing option that allows defendants to fulfill their sentence outside of prison or jail. Wisconsin probation rules require community-based supervision. Specific requirements for probation are set by the judge in the case. Judges impose several conditions or requirements when they allow offenders to receive probation in lieu of imprisonment. These conditions are set to ensure the offender does not pose a threat to the community or commit...

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should you answer police questions?

Should You Talk To Police After An Arrest In Wisconsin?

What Should You Say When You Talk To Police After An Arrest? Interactions with Wisconsin law enforcement are full of opportunities for miscommunication and misunderstanding. Emotions and anxiety run high and can cause both offenders and law enforcement officers to escalate the situation. It is so important to remain levelheaded and to understand your constitutional rights when you are asked to talk to police after an arrest in Wisconsin. This includes knowing what to say and what not to say....

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slip and fall - spine injuries

Slip and Fall Accidents | Spine Injuries

When a Slip and Fall Leads to Spine Injuries Our backs are amazing. They support the entire body, protect the nerves that send messages throughout the body, and provide support for some of the largest muscles in the body. This is why spine injuries are so devasting. They can affect the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system and can impact the entire rest of your life. A slip and fall accident is one of the most seemingly innocent types of accidents, after all, who hasn’t slipped...

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car accident settlement

Car Accident Types | Wisconsin Car Accidents

4 of the Most Common Types of Car Accidents in Wisconsin Wherever there are drivers, there are certain to be car accidents. As we head into the busy summer season in Wisconsin, we want to take a look at four of the most common types of car accidents and tips on how to best protect yourself against an accident. Common Car Accidents Rear-End Collisions. These are the most common type of car accidents across the nation. The NHTSA estimates that rear-end crashes make up 29% of all car accidents....

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second offense owi charges

Myths About OWI Charges in Wisconsin | Eisenberg Law

Myth Busting: OWI Charges in Wisconsin Being charged with an OWI in Wisconsin can be an alarming and confusing experience. You will no doubt have questions and wonder how a conviction will affect you and your ability to drive. You might even buy into some of the more common myths about OWIs in Wisconsin. The OWI attorneys at Eisenberg Law Offices are here to dispel 3 of these myths so you are better prepared to deal with an OWI charge. Myth #1: Receiving an OWI Isn’t Serious Receiving...

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