criminal evidence

Direct and Circumstantial Evidence in Criminal Cases

Evidence can make or break a criminal case, and anyone facing a criminal trial needs to know how different types of evidence could affect the outcome – and how that evidence needs to be collected and presented. Two main types of evidence are admissible in court: direct and circumstantial. If the evidence is not presented well and doesn’t meet standards that would show it’s reliable, that can take the court case in unexpected directions. Direct evidence shows that someone really...

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motorcycle accidents

How Negligence Affects Motorcycle Personal Injury Cases

Understanding negligence in a motor cycle accident is critical to collecting damages Negligence on the part of both parties can affect a personal injury case. This is especially important to remember when dealing with a motorcycle accident as the consequences of that negligence can be more severe; if the person who was hit was also partly at fault, that can reduce the award the person is entitled to. Being partly negligent does not mean you should never file a claim, but it does mean you and...

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criminal defense lawyer

Differences Between Federal and State Crimes

Know the difference between state and federal crimes, and whether your attorney is qualified to represent you In Wisconsin, and everywhere in the United States, being charged with a crime can lead to a trial in either federal or state court. The differences include the laws under which you are charged, the rules of the courtroom hearing the case, and the kind of prosecution team you face. Having an attorney ready to guide you through the process ahead is critical to your ability to defend yourself. Two...

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OWI attorney Madison WI

Always Seek Legal Help After an OWI

If you’ve been arrested for an OWI in Wiscosin, seek legal help immediately An OWI often feels like a settled issue from the moment you get your ticket. Before you just accept your fate, you should know what you face. The penalties for an OWI are steep. If you work with an experienced OWI attorney, you have the chance to reduce or sometimes even eliminate those penalties. Before you give in, consult an attorney for help with your case. Consequences of Conviction An OWI conviction...

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social media

Using Social Media After a Car Accident

Use social media with caution after a car accident Social media activity is a part of everyday life. If something significant happens to you, you might be tempted to immediately post about it: your thoughts, emotions, and any pictures you have. When that something is a car accident, you need to be cautious. Anything you post can become evidence an insurer uses to deny or defend against your claim. Keep your posting to a minimum to protect your recovery. Direct Evidence Against You The...

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