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Bail Jumping Penalties | Wisconsin Bail System

Bail Jumping Penalties in Wisconsin The Wisconsin legal system operates under the assumption of innocence until proven guilty. Due to this system, offenders may be released from jail after their arrest but before they see a judge or have a trial. In many cases, there are conditions associated with their release, which may include bail. Common Bail Conditions Although bail is the term used to describe the monetary amount paid for release, it can include other conditions that must be adhered...

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Parents Are Liable In Car Accidents

Are Parents Liable If A Car Accident Is Caused By A Teen Driver? Parents are nervous enough once their teenagers start driving, when a car accident is caused by a teen driver, their anxiety can be compounded by worries about injuries and accident liability. They have good reason to worry since it is possible for parents to be liable for the accident in Wisconsin. 4 Things to Know About Teen Driver Laws in Wisconsin and Parent Liability Teens must be sponsored. The State of Wisconsin...

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Don’t Leave the Scene of a Car Accident Even if No One Was Hurt

You could face criminal charges if you leave the scene of an accident Something that catches many off-guard is the issue of when one can leave the scene of a car accident. Common sense would say you shouldn’t leave until all parties have gotten what they needed, be that insurance information or medical help. Yet it’s not uncommon for people to just leave – basically making the accident a hit and run – instead of sticking around. They don’t want to get into trouble, is their...

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Factors That Juries Use to Determine a Personal Injury Award

How much is your Personal Injury claim worth? The potential for large awards in personal injury cases means plaintiffs have a chance to receive compensation that pays for their medical care, wage loss, and pain and suffering. However, actual awards aren’t always so big, and that can be a shock to someone who thought they had an airtight case. Awards are determined by looking at specific factors, and juries don’t arrive at these amounts lightly. The Evidence Has to Be Clear It’s...

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Consequences of Theft Charges in Wisconsin

Being charged for Theft in Wisconsin is serious business! Getting arrested for theft in Wisconsin carries significant repercussions for you. You probably expect this. What you might not realize is how broad theft can be. Understanding the nature of the crime, and the consequences a conviction brings, is important for anyone at risk of arrest. If you have been charged with a theft crime, you should consult an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. What Constitutes Theft? Theft...

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