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car accident attorneys

Talking to Police After a Traffic Accident

Use caution when talking to authorities after a car accident After a traffic accident, the police will want to take your statement. This can create anxiety if you don’t know how much to share. While you want to be courteous, you don’t want to undercut your own claim for recovery. What you say can impact the value of any recovery you have. Make sure you don’t overshare when the police start to ask questions. Talk When the Other Driver Is at Fault Some accidents leave...

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Defending Wire Fraud Charges

If you’ve been charged with Wire Fraud, get an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Wire fraud is a federal crime that can get you into serious trouble. Some of the factors involved are complicated, so you may not understand the charges when you receive them. Rather than trying to go it alone or work with an inexperienced attorney, you should look for someone who understands not only the elements of the crime, but how to defend you in federal court. Defining Wire Fraud Fraud is...

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Probation in Wisconsin

Penalties for Probation Violation in Wisconsin

Wisconsin probation violation penalties After you are convicted of a crime, one of the best outcomes you can get is probation. Whether this comes in lieu of jail time or after you serve part of your sentence, it can feel like freedom. Unfortunately, you still have conditions you have to meet to keep that freedom. Violating your probation can lead to a longer probation or even jail time. Ways to Violate Your Probation Any time a court places you on probation, it orders conditions you...

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winter driving; icy road conditions

How to Drive Safely in a Wisconsin Winter

Know these safe winter driving tips if you drive in Wisconsin Snow, sleet, ice, wind — Wisconsin winters have it all, and drivers need to be alert. For new residents, and even long-time ones who have gotten complacent about their driving skills, safety is of the utmost importance. Both your actions on the road and how you take care of your car can make a huge difference. Winter Road Safety Slow down — it’s possibly the best thing you can do if you have to drive on snowy...

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water park injuries

When Is a Resort Responsible for Your Injuries?

People flock to resorts for vacation time every year.  You look forward to relaxing and enjoying golf, spa days, or whatever else is available. Unfortunately, accidents at these locations happen all too often. If you are injured in an accident at a resort, you may have a right to sue for damages. Common Injuries at Resorts Slip and fall or trip and fall accidents occur every day. A resort may have loose mats, wet or worn surfaces, or uneven ground. Any of these can create hazards. In...

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