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truck accident

What to Do After an Accident with a Semi-Truck

Any accident you experience on the road is scary. Accidents with semi-trucks, though, create particular dangers for you. The large vehicles, traveling at highway speeds, can cause a lot of damage when something goes wrong, and often leave other drivers with significant injuries. If you have been in an accident with a semi-truck driver, you need to protect yourself and your legal rights. How Accidents with Semi-Trucks Happen Truck drivers often work long hours driving. This can leave them...

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multiple vehicle accident

Personal Injury Liability In Multiple Vehicle Accidents

Determining Liability for Personal Injury Claims in a Multiple Vehicle Accident On the face of it, a multiple vehicle accident can appear to be the fault of the last driver in the chain, but in reality, any of the drivers could be at fault, even more than one of them. This is because multi-vehicle accidents often occur due to a combination of factors – weather, speed, traffic on the roads, time of day, and road conditions – as well as driver actions. Drivers themselves range from newly...

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Recovering Damages for Injuries After a Slip and Fall in a Store

If you’ve suffered a slip and fall injury in a store, here’s what you should know When you go shopping, you probably take one of two approaches. Some people look around to decide what to buy, while others know what they want and head straight for it. In either case, though, you aren’t necessarily looking for hidden dangers on the floor. At times, a slippery or cluttered floor at a retail store can lead to injuries. If the store is at fault for your slip and fall, you can recover damages...

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How to Respond to Vacation Injuries

If you’ve suffered injuries on vacation, take these steps Going on vacation should give you time to relax and recuperate from the stress of work and home life. Whether you get into an accident on the road or where you are staying, an injury frustrates your entire trip. If you have been injured away from home, make sure you take steps to protect your claim. Get Pictures Any time an accident leaves you injured, you should take notes and get pictures from the accident scene. If you...

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car accident attorneys

Wisconsin Car Accident Attorney | Fault In A Car Accident

Consult a Wisconsin Car Accident Attorney to Determine Fault in a Car Accident Wisconsin operates under a tort system when it comes to car accidents. That means that in a car accident, fault must be established; someone must be held responsible for the accident. If you’ve been involved in an automobile accident, consultation with a Wisconsin car accident attorney can help determine your legal options and whether you are responsible for the accident or are a victim. Fault and Negligence One...

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