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personal injury claim

How to Protect the Value of Your Personal Injury Case

Mistakes to guard against in a Personal Injury case If you get into an accident that someone else causes, you have the right to sue for your damages. There is a long road to follow between the accident and your trial. If you have a claim outstanding, you need to be careful not to do anything to derail your options. Protect your rights and be cautious in how you behave and communicate in the meantime. Don’t Admit Fault One of the most basic elements of a personal injury case is...

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dangerous truck driver

Signs of a Dangerous Truck Driver | Wisconsin Truck Lawyers

5 Signs That There Is A Dangerous Truck Driver On A Wisconsin Roadway The truck accident lawyers at Eisenberg Law Offices want to remind you to stay alert on the road and pay attention to the following signs, which indicate there is a dangerous driver on the road with you. 5 Signs of a Dangerous Truck Driver We’ve all seen dangerous drivers in Wisconsin and know to avoid them for our own safety, but a truck driver who drives without regard for others on the road is particularly...

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truck accident

The Benefits of Early Legal Assistance in Truck Accident Cases

Talk to a Personal Injury attorney right after your truck accident Accidents involving semi trucks can be particularly horrendous because of the size and weight of the trucks. Rather than devoting time to fighting with agencies to get proper compensation, you should be concentrating on getting better, which means handing much of the administrative and legal work to an attorney. Saving That Evidence If you’ve never dealt with truck accidents before, you may miss crucial evidence...

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motorcycle accidents

Recovering Damages in a Motorcycle Accident

You may be able to recover damages from your motorcycle accident Any accident on the road is dangerous. When you are on a motorcycle, the damage to both you and the bike has the potential to be much greater. If someone else causes an accident, you are entitled to damages for both your injuries and your motorcycle. The right attorney can help you recover your losses and make yourself whole again. Causation and Insurance In Wisconsin, everyone is required to carry insurance. The insurer...

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multiple vehicle accident

What Causes Car Wrecks in Wisconsin?

Car crashes in Wisconsin – list of major causes Wisconsin’s roadways are busy throughout the year. While most drivers travel safely and responsibly, accidents happen–bringing an average of over 500 deaths and 41,000 injuries per year, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. Understanding the causes of these car crashes in Wisconsin can help you avoid problems that many drivers face. Deer Wisconsin is home to more than just people. The wildlife...

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