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Wrongful Death Attorney Madison WI

Making Sure Your Law Firm Can Afford to Try Your Wrongful Death Claim

Before starting a wrongful death claim, evaluate your prospective law firm When you lose a loved one and someone else is to blame, you may want to bring a wrongful death action. With all the considerations you need to make, you may not know whether the lawyer you choose can afford to pursue the claim. Working on a contingency fee arrangement requires a firm to operate with enough resources to take your case all the way to settlement or trial. You need to work with an established firm that...

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motorcycle accidents

Wisconsin Motorcycle Accidents | Motorcycle Laws in WI

Protect Yourself From Motorcycle Accidents In Wisconsin Riding a motorcycle through Wisconsin offers a thrill that traditional cars and trucks just can’t beat. Open-air riding is exciting, but it can also be incredibly dangerous if you get into an accident. Even careful and responsible motorcyclists can be injured by other less responsible drivers, but proper precautions can help protect riders from the serious injuries that result from motorcycle accidents. Wisconsin motorcycle law...

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traumatic brain injury- tbi

Common Questions About Treating and Living With Brain Injuries

Get treatment if you’re suffering from a brain injury One of the potential effects of an accident caused by someone else’s negligence is brain trauma. Brain injuries don’t get a lot of publicity compared to back and neck injuries in personal injury lawsuits, but they are a real risk and can have devastating effects on how you live your life. Note that brain injuries can range from mild to severe, and they have different effects themselves. However, some questions are common...

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personal injury claim sign

4 Ways to Hurt Your Personal Injury Claim

Mistakes to avoid with your Personal Injury Claim If someone else causes your personal injury, you are entitled to the damages that person’s actions or neglect cause. The process is not automatic. Making mistakes along the way can undermine your claim. After your injury, be careful to avoid these common errors that keep you from getting the compensation you deserve. 1. Wait Too Long to Report After a car accident, your police report is a critical piece of evidence. Call the police...

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car accident witness

How to Use Witness Statements for Your Car Accident Claim

After a car accident, get witness statements to support your personal injury claim When someone else causes your car accident, that person will not always accept fault. That person may worry about their insurance payments, or may not even realize he or she is at fault. In this situation, you need support for your claim.  Witness statements can help you show what happened, and encourage a better settlement or a stronger result if you go to trial. Identify Potential Witnesses Early After...

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