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How to Avoid Aggressive Driving

Personal injury attorney provides tips to help you avoid driving aggressively and aggressive driversEveryone has been on the road with aggressive drivers. Whether you are dealing with road rage or just impatience, drivers go faster than they should and make dangerous maneuvers to try to get from point A to point B faster than you. Unfortunately, this leads to accidents every day. Learn to avoid aggressive driving yourself, and to protect yourself from others who drive badly.Why Drivers...

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Will My Personal Injury Case Get to Trial?

Madison Personal Injury Attorney provides an explanationPeople are injured in Wisconsin every day. Some of these injuries create minor inconveniences, but some change lives forever. In either case, trials over personal injuries have become the exception rather than the rule. If you have been injured, you should understand that your case will likely settle. Until it does, though, you must prepare as though you will go to trial.Most Personal Injury Cases SettleInsurance companies...

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Back Injuries After A Vehicle Accident | Car Crash Injury

Back Injuries Are Common After A Vehicle AccidentMost of the time, a vehicle accident comes as a surprise. In the grip of the adrenaline rush that follows, it’s not uncommon for accident victims to feel fine and, as a result, spend more time worrying about the damage to the cars than the damage to their bodies. But once that adrenaline wears off, even the most minor of accidents can leave a person in pain. Some of the most common car accident injuries occur to the back and they can...

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If You Have a Dog in Wisconsin, You’re Liable for All Dog Bite Injuries

Wisconsin law states dog owners are responsible for costs associated with dog bite injuries — even if the owner did his or her best to prevent the bite. This is a “strict liability” state, meaning there’s no gray area where an owner’s actions might reduce any financial responsibility. For dog owners, that means they have to keep a close eye on their dogs and be extremely careful about where the dog can go, especially because “strict liability” applies...

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Why Settling a Personal Injury Claim Can Be of Benefit

Personal injury lawsuits often end in settlements, and these can have both advantages and disadvantages. The benefits may outweigh those disadvantages, however, because a personal injury lawsuit can take a very long time and be emotionally and financially draining. A settlement offers a faster solution that could see you back on the road to recovery instead of caught in a cycle of waiting and medical debt.Settling a personal injury claim can be done at any time while a case is pending or...

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