slip and fall - spine injuries

Slip and Fall Accidents | Spine Injuries

When a Slip and Fall Leads to Spine Injuries Our backs are amazing. They support the entire body, protect the nerves that send messages throughout the body, and provide support for some of the largest muscles in the body. This is why spine injuries are so devasting. They can affect the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system and can impact the entire rest of your life. A slip and fall accident is one of the most seemingly innocent types of accidents, after all, who hasn’t slipped...

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car accident settlement

Car Accident Types | Wisconsin Car Accidents

4 of the Most Common Types of Car Accidents in Wisconsin Wherever there are drivers, there are certain to be car accidents. As we head into the busy summer season in Wisconsin, we want to take a look at four of the most common types of car accidents and tips on how to best protect yourself against an accident. Common Car Accidents Rear-End Collisions. These are the most common type of car accidents across the nation. The NHTSA estimates that rear-end crashes make up 29% of all car accidents....

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injured pedestrian

Recovering From Pedestrian Injuries | Bike Accident Injuries

Recovering From Pedestrian or Bike Accident Injuries Walking and riding a bicycle are two simple, effective, and accessible forms of exercise and environmentally friendly ways to get to where you need to go. Yet, they are not without risk. Bicycle and pedestrian accidents are fairly common and often lead to injury. Pedestrian injuries and bike accident injuries can take many forms. Maybe they involve a vehicle. They might be a hit-and-run accident. They could also happen due to poor road,...

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wisconsin bike accident injury

Bike Accident Medical Costs | Paying For Medical Costs

4 Ways To Pay For Medical Costs After A Bike Accident in Wisconsin If you have been unfortunate enough to be involved in a bike accident with a vehicle in Wisconsin, chances are you have been injured, possibly severely. The medical costs for your recovery can be extensive and feel overwhelming, but there are several options available to help you pay for these costs. Paying for Health Care Expenses After a Bike Accident Personal Health Insurance. Personal health care coverage can be used...

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car insurance - underinsured

Car Insurance Tracking Data And Personal Injury Claims

How Car Insurance Tracking Data May be Used in a Personal Injury Claim When an insurer reviews a personal injury claim, they will pull evidence, information, and data from a variety of sources, including car insurance tracking data. This type of data tracking is often used as part of an auto insurance company’s good driver discount program. Enrollees make the data accessible in different ways, depending on the insurer. Some insurance companies collect data through a smartphone app, others...

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