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Do I Have to Hire an Attorney in the City Where I Live?

Madison Wisconsin Attorney explains if you need to find an attorney where you live Hiring an attorney if you live in a reasonably sized city is usually a simple matter, but for those in smaller communities, the supply of attorneys may be so limited that residents need to look elsewhere. This can create a dilemma because there is a persistent idea that people need to hire attorneys who live in the same city, or at least in an adjacent community. This is not the case, however, because an attorney...

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Madison Law Firms Warn Against Playground Accidents

Madison Law Firms Warn Against The Hidden Dangers Of Playgrounds Summer may be a time to be carefree, but it’s not without its dangers. Boating, swimming pool, and heat safety usually spring to mind first, but they are far from the only potentially dangerous situations parents need to consider during the summer. Madison law firms agree: one underrated, but far more common danger, is playgrounds. Every year, the U.S. sees more than 200,000 playground related ER visits. Injuries include...

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Safest Vehicles for Teen Drivers

Madison Personal Injury Lawyers identify best cars for Teens If your teenager is ready to start driving, you are probably terrified. New drivers in Madison, Wisconsin face at times busy roads. You may want to look for a small, more easily maneuverable car, or a larger vehicle that can better withstand the impact of a crash. Whatever category you choose, though, solid options exist for you to help keep your teen driver safe.  The Madison Personal Injury Lawyers at Eisenberg Law Offices provide...

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How Do I Collect Money After a Judgment?

Madison Law Firm explains how to collect your judgment Seeing a case through trial requires patience and energy. When you get a verdict and win a judgment against the defendant, you will rightly feel like celebrating. But the hard work and time you put into your case has not ended just yet; you still have to collect your judgment. If the defendant does not pay voluntarily, you will need to take steps to recover the money owed to you. First, Talk to the Defendant Ideally, you can just...

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Can I Appeal a Court Decision or Judgment?

Appeal a Court Decision in Madison WI Sometimes a trial leads to a verdict with which you do not agree. A jury will not always find in your favor, even if it seems like you should win your case. But what can you do if you feel strongly that the court got it wrong? In some situations, an appeal can help you get the legal relief you need. The Facts Cannot Support the Verdict The trial court, whether you are in a criminal or civil case, is responsible for hearing and interpreting the facts...

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