Distracted Driving – It’s More Than Texting

Distracted driving is now well-ensconsed in people’s minds as a threat to road safety. Campaigns to get people to put down their phones and concentrate on the road have had an effect. Now, most drivers realize that texting or talking on the phone while holding it in their hand can divert their attention from what’s in front of them. However, texting and phone use are not the only causes of distracted driving. Anything that pulls your attention away from the road can lead to distracted...

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Follow These Safe Driving Tips for Teens This Summer

Share these safe driving tips with your teen drivers In the summer months, Wisconsin teenagers are out of school and spend more time on the road. This combination of fewer responsibilities and more free time often leads to a higher number of accidents. Fortunately, you can prevent many of those accidents with careful driving. The following steps can all lead to a safe, fun summer for your teenage drivers. Focus on Driving Distracted driving remains a potent safety hazard for drivers...

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Get Your Car Ready for Safe Winter Driving

Is your car ready for Wisconsin Winter Driving? After a long and ridiculously hot summer across the nation, the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes regions are finally getting a break. Much more comfortable temperatures have settled in Madison for now, but soon winter will descend. It’s time to get your car ready. Basic Preparations Take your car in for a checkup and have everything inspected, from the heater to the brakes. If it’s been a year since you last replaced your windshield...

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Defending Charges for Bar Fights

Charged in a bar fight?  Madison Law Firm is ready to help Bars can be dangerous places. Whenever people are drinking and together in a small room, a fight can happen. Unfortunately, this can get you in trouble even if you didn’t start the fight. While you should try to avoid a fight when possible, sometimes you get pulled in. When this happens, you can face criminal charges for something you didn’t start. You will need the help of a good legal team to help defend your rights....

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The Legal Drinking Age in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Legal Drinking Age Wisconsin’s drinking age limit is straightforward. However, because each state has its own laws, someone moving here from out of state needs to learn which activities are legal at which ages before assuming anything. The Madison Law Firm of Eisenberg Law Offices is available to answer your questions about Wisconsin’s drinking laws. The Basic Age: 21 At age 21, you can buy and drink beer, wine, and other types of liquor for yourself and...

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