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Wisconsin Family Law: Not Just For Divorce Many people think that a family law attorney is just for divorce and its related issues: maintenance, child support, custody arrangements, etc. While the field does cover all those issues, there is much more to Wisconsin family law than that! Attorneys in this field assist with various issues relating to families, including happy ones. When To Call A Wisconsin Family Law Attorney It is obvious that you need a family law attorney in the event...

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If You Think There is No Need for Divorce Attorneys, Think Again Not every divorce case needs to be like Kramer vs. Kramer. There are plenty of instances in which a couple goes their separate ways amicably, with no major disputes. If this is your situation, you might think you can get through the process without hiring divorce attorney, but that could be a big mistake. The Divorce Process The state of Wisconsin allows for no-fault divorces. In order to dissolve a marriage, all you have...

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Use A Divorce Lawyer For An Uncontested Divorce

Filing For An Uncontested Divorce: What You Should Know Before Contacting a Divorce Lawyer in Madison, WI As couples have decided to dissolve their relationships for various reasons, divorce has become increasingly common. However, as common as it now is, there is still a stigma attached to divorce that causes many individuals to believe that divorce involves endless fighting, custody battles, and emotional bloodshed. That is simply not true! Uncontested divorces are an easier and more...

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Divorce And Wisconsin Family Law

Wisconsin Family Law: Breaking Down The Differences In Legal And Physical Custody It’s no secret that going through a divorce can prove a difficult time for any couple; however, the tension and stress seems to increase exponentially when children are part of the breakup. A major concern for parents navigating through the Wisconsin family law terrain: Child custody. Eisenberg Law Offices: Experienced Wisconsin Family Law Attorneys Here at Eisenberg Law Offices, as an advocate for...

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Madison, WI Attorneys Experienced In Adoption

Adopting A Child? Know What To Ask Prospective Madison, WI Attorneys Adopting a child in Wisconsin can prove one of life’s greatest joys. However, anyone who has ever gone through the adoption process knows that legal issues often arise. In order to successfully navigate an often complicated legal system, many couples turn to Madison, WI attorneys to ensure that their adoption gets approved. It’s no secret that not all Madison, WI attorneys are created alike. In order to guarantee...

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