The Do's And Don'ts Of Co-Mingling Wisconsin Marital Property Assets

How to keep gifts and inheritances from becoming Marital Property Assets in Wisconsin One of the first things you’ll hear from a Wisconsin divorce attorney is that Wisconsin is a “community property” state. What does this mean for marital property and asset distribution? In essence, it means that the court views all of your assets as being jointly owned and will divide property and assets equally between spouses. This is true even if only one spouse is named on a deed, title,...

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Valuation Of Assets In A Wisconsin Divorce | Asset Division

Asset Valuation In Wisconsin Divorce And Separation Proceedings The division of marital property is a common component of a Wisconsin divorce or legal separation. In our state, it is presumed that all property and assets should be divided equally between spouses. This is true even if one spouse is not named on the deed, title, or account. The only exceptions to this equal division of assets applies to assets that one spouse received as an inheritance or gift that have not been co-mingled...

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Can I Legally Prevent My Children from Seeing Their Other Parent?

How to prevent other parent from seeing your child In most divorces involving minor children, the parents share legal custody and physical placement. The court does not completely prohibit a parent from having time with their children. However, if a parent is dangerous or abusive to the child, then you may want to prevent him or her from seeing the children. In those situations, the Family Law attorneys at Eisenberg Law provide legal ways to protect the children. The...

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Remarriage, Child Support And Maintenance

How Remarriage Affects Child Support And Maintenance Our family law attorneys often hear the question, “How does my ex’s remarriage affect child support and maintenance?” When the parent paying child support gets remarried after a divorce, the court does not consider the new spouse’s income when determining support payments, nor can the court order the new spouse to contribute to child support or maintenance. Child Support Is Determined By Many Things Including: Both...

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When To Hire A Madison Family Law Attorney

When To Hire A Madison Family Law Attorney The question of when to hire a family law attorney comes up more often than you’d expect. Many people don’t realize how much an attorney can help them early on in a case and wait too long to get legal representation. Others don’t realize that they are able to hire a family law attorney because there is no requirement to do so in Wisconsin. However, it’s a good idea to consult an attorney any time you find yourself involved...

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