Wisconsin Divorce And Pregnancy | Eisenberg Law Offices

Wisconsin Divorce And Pregnancy When the two highly emotional situations of divorce and pregnancy collide, spouses can be left reeling. Do they proceed with the divorce? Wait until the child is born? Try to work it out? There are enough issues to resolve in Wisconsin divorce situations that don’t involve children. Once children are involved, the case becomes more complex. The first thing you need to know is that it is still possible to obtain a divorce in Wisconsin while pregnant....

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Using Social Media During Divorce | Madison Divorce Attorneys

Madison Divorce Attorneys Advise: Think Before You Post on Social Media Social media is so common and widespread these days that we sometimes forget it’s a public forum. As our Madison divorce attorneys have witnessed firsthand, that can pose a problem for people going through contentious divorces. Social media posts and comments can be used as evidence in many different kinds of legal cases, including divorce and child custody situations. Social media sites are one of the first places...

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Marital Assets Often Overlooked in Divorce

Check for these Overlooked Marital Assets during a divorce Wisconsin is a community property state, which means that all marital property is divided equally between the divorcing spouses. Some types of marital property are often overlooked. If you are considering or in the process of getting a divorce, be careful not to forget about the following: Rewards for Credit or Travel If you earn reward points for hotel stays or credit card usage, or miles for airline travel, all of that is part...

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The Do's And Don'ts Of Co-Mingling Wisconsin Marital Property Assets

How to keep gifts and inheritances from becoming Marital Property Assets in Wisconsin One of the first things you’ll hear from a Wisconsin divorce attorney is that Wisconsin is a “community property” state. What does this mean for marital property and asset distribution? In essence, it means that the court views all of your assets as being jointly owned and will divide property and assets equally between spouses. This is true even if only one spouse is named on a deed, title,...

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Valuation Of Assets In A Wisconsin Divorce | Asset Division

Asset Valuation In Wisconsin Divorce And Separation Proceedings The division of marital property is a common component of a Wisconsin divorce or legal separation. In our state, it is presumed that all property and assets should be divided equally between spouses. This is true even if one spouse is not named on the deed, title, or account. The only exceptions to this equal division of assets applies to assets that one spouse received as an inheritance or gift that have not been co-mingled...

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