The Difference Between “Guilty” and “No Contest”

Pleading “Guilty” vs “No Contest” in Wisconsin – Know the Difference When you face criminal charges and make your plea to the court, you have essentially three options: guilty, not guilty, or no contest. While a “not guilty” plea gives you a day in court, both of the other two amount to accepting the charges against you. Still, there are some differences that can make a difference for you. An experienced lawyer can help you decide which plea is right...

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protect your rights from an illegal search

Your Rights When the Police Want to Look Around

Should you let the police search your property without a warrant? If a police officer asks to have a look around your property, it can feel uncomfortable to refuse. The police carry a great deal of authority, and telling them no can be scary. Still, you have rights that are worth protecting. Not only do you not have to give consent, but doing so can waive some of your rights later.  Constitutional Right to Privacy The Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution, as well...

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Setting Bail In Wisconsin | Bail Considerations In Wisconsin

How Judges Go About Setting Cash Bail in Wisconsin Given news reports and criminal dramas on television, many people assume that paying cash bail is an option in every arrest situation. The truth of the matter is that no one is guaranteed to be offered bail in Wisconsin. The judge presiding over the initial court appearance is in charge of both determining if bail should be an option and setting bail in Wisconsin. During the initial court appearance, the judge reviews the charges against...

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Madison Law Firm helps defend against White Collar Criminal Charges

White Collar Crime Is More Serious Than Many Realize

In Wisconsin, white collar crimes are taken seriously White collar crime tends not to involve violence — in fact, it has a reputation of being almost “boring” to the average person — and that means that many don’t realize that white collar crime is serious. Most people understand that fraud and embezzlement are not minor, but there is a disconnect between perception and reality when it comes to these types of financial crimes. However, white collar crime definitely...

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Probation in Wisconsin

Penalties for Probation Violation in Wisconsin

Wisconsin probation violation penalties After you are convicted of a crime, one of the best outcomes you can get is probation. Whether this comes in lieu of jail time or after you serve part of your sentence, it can feel like freedom. Unfortunately, you still have conditions you have to meet to keep that freedom. Violating your probation can lead to a longer probation or even jail time. Ways to Violate Your Probation Any time a court places you on probation, it orders conditions you...

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